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Internship @ Dutt Menon and Dunmorrsett, Delhi : The Firm That Handled the Vodafone case!


Name of Organisation, Location, Team Strength

Dutt Menon and Dunmorrsett

Application Process

I had applied by sending my C.V to the H.R Monica Dhawan at [email protected] and received the confirmation in a week.

Duration of internship and timings

The duration of internship was for a month.

Interns had to adhere with the timings 9:30am to 6pm and had to be in the best of their formal attire.

Though, few associates and partners could ask you to stay for long if they require the work done by you.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The office of this  firm is way bigger than one could think of. It has 4 floors with no residence. They had one floor for library and reception.

The library was commendable for one who wants to make the best out of it.

The first day started with the general introductions given by the H.R. and the day started with the works given to you.

If idle, you are free to go to the associates to ask for work, and they appreciate it.

Interns are under camera surveillance by the partners and at times either you get appreciated by them or even commented on by them because of your deeds in the office.

Main tasks

Once you reach on time, you can start your day with the pending works that you had or can ask for it .

I would like to mention one important thing that DMD is not just a litigation firm. They have a good and settled corporate department as well.

Work environment and people

The work environment is created not exclusively by the office people but also by the sincerity of the interns.

The work there is good. If you are happy to sit idle without work, you can go up with it. Proof readings cannot be ignored , so you also have to be prepared for it.

Few associates were not so decent to understand how to treat people.

But you find all kinds of people everywhere so it should be nothing new to accept it because on the other hand you will find majority of them ready to help you with things and even help you with your work.

Best things

They have a custom of presentation. Do not worry! Interns are not burdened with it :p

It’s the associates who have to give presentation every month on the topic chosen by the partners .

Generally it used to be based on contemporary issues. Though those associates might take the help of interns for building their presentations and such intern does get recognition by the partners.

Each and every working person in the office has to mark his/her presence in the presentation room.

Bad things

You are always monitored by the partners. They could even ask you to vacate the library if you are not using it for its purpose and rather for chit chats.


Rs. 7,500

Biggest Lessons

You could learn to build yourself in a working environment where you have ample of opportunities to groom yourself in their working culture eventually in the best of your interest and on the other hand, you are free to keep yourself idle with no work.

Choice is yours to get yourself on either track.

Any Other Thing

They have a real good coffee machine by CCD and you have free access to it 🙂

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