Internship Experience @ Dua Associates, Chennai: Client Meetings, Research on Case Laws

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Hisham Abdus Salam, VIT School of Law, 2nd Year

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Dua Associates, Chennai

Application Process with contact details

The application process requires you to send in a mail to the given Mail ID with your resume and cover letter attached. They usually reply in a few day’s time.

The email address is:

Duration of internship and timings

14th December – 4th January, 2016.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The first day I was called into the office workspace past the reception and was made to sit in the library. The library was, although a bit on the smaller side, was thoroughly equipped with the latest journals on law and every reference book needed for any legislation. The people working there were quite friendly. I was instructed to wait in the library until the partner called me into his office and so I took a quick glance around the books in the library.

I was surprised by the vast amount of knowledge and information that was kept in such a small space. Soon, I was called into the office of the partner and had an impromptu interview of sorts and me being a first year law student at that time, had a very limited knowledge about law and was interested in exploring the subject. I conveyed this to the partner, who was very supportive this and told me how the on hands experience of know-how in the field of law would help me in the future. Moving on the infrastructure of the office, it is a bit cramped with lots of documents and papers lying all over the place,but overall it was a very nice place.

Main tasks

No work was forced upon/given but you actually had to go to the associates and ask for work, which is when they will give you work. The major tasks around the office were mostly research and checking up stuff for the the other associates based on what work they gave. Sometimes you also had to do some proofreading and typing work occasionally. Other work also included but not restricted to collecting relevant case laws, meeting with clients and so on. As I was relatively new to the field and had lesser knowledge the type and amount of work given to me was not of a very hard and was mostly basic stuff.

Work environment and people

As I mentioned earlier, the associates in the office were all quite friendly always and although busy always spared their time to explain anything that you didn’t understand. They were really accommodate of any mistakes on your part and were all quite knowledgeable as well. All the staff were also very helpful and friendly. Also the interns got to interact further with the associates as quite a few of the associates had their lunch in the library. This usually resulted in a very useful and enlightening session of both general advice and legal knowledge.

Best things

The best thing and time of the day was snacks time. They always, at 5 pm served snacks, which were really delicious along with some piping hot tea to go with it. After a day’s long work and near the end of the workday, this was heaven.

Next thing is that the interns were free to do whatever they wished and were not constantly monitored and given work like kids. They had their own freedom to choose who they take work from and what type of work they take.

Also there weren’t any strong deadlines to meet for the interns and were given reasonable time to do their tasks.

Finally, the office party for Christmas was very nice and lively, with sandwiches and cake and fun.

Bad things

The AC in the library was the single worst thing of the internship. The room was a bit on the smaller size for the size of the AC installed and therefore the room became quite cold soon and switching off the AC resulted in the opposite. Other than this the internship was near perfect and very much useful.


No stipend

Biggest Lessons

I discovered and rediscovered my love for the subject of law and realized that unlike the office life of engineers, the office life of a lawyer was much more interesting and happening. Also I learnt that there is no facet of law that is totally uninteresting as there is a certain allure to each and every type of law.

Any Other Thing

To all the people aspiring to become lawyers, believe me, do it. You will not regret it. Even if you do not go on to become a lawyer in the future, the skills you learn during your college life as an aspiring lawyer make you a person who can achieve what every you want to. This is clear as there are several examples set by people who got law degrees in the world before going to to become what they are famous for now, even if that is not law.

And to all my fellow law students out there, my two cents – don’t stop doing internships if you already haven’t started. These internships might seem pointless at first but what you tend to pick up from them, knowingly or unknowingly, will without the slightest sliver of doubt, help you in whatever it is that you wish to achieve in the future.

On a final note, good luck on your future endeavors and always follow your goals. Farewell and fare well.

Overall Rating



I live in Chennai. Therefore didn’t need external accommodation. However there are several PGs around the place. A simple Google search will give a list of good accommodations near the office.

Office Timings

The official timings were from 10 am to 6 pm but however they were quite lax and didn’t mind an intern arriving upto half an hour late. However if you had any personal matters outside of the office you had to attend to you could inform before hand to the intern coordinator and you would be granted permission to come late to the office. Also the timings for leaving were not very fixed as well, as it totally depended on how intent you were on finishing your work before going home.

The people working in the office did not force you to stay overtime for any reason whatsoever and it was totally on how motivated you were on getting it done. Also a major plus was that the office did not work on both Saturdays and Sundays and therefore freed up my weekends for any personal activities.

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