Internship Experience @ DSK Legal, Mumbai: Learn Practical Aspects of Mergers and Acquisition

Internship Experience @ DSK Legal, Mumbai

Name, College, Year of Study

Swatilekha Chakraborty, 4th Year, Symbiosis Law School, Pune


DSK Legal, Mumbai


November 16th to December 31st, 2015 (6 Weeks)

Getting there

With the easy to get formula of applying contacts and entering a place, people with no contacts can hardly make it there. But one may alternatively try dropping a mail to Sumedha Bajaj at

You never know when it clicks for you.

First day First show

I was made to sit in one of the conference rooms for about 15 minutes or so. After that the HR arrived, and made me sign the Non-Disclosure form. I was then taken to my seat and minutes later, introduced formally to my team and the partner. It was quiet brief and to the point.

After about two cups of coffee finally work came and thus started the day.

Main Work

Due Diligence.

Being in the corporate team, this part is unavoidable. But the good part about it was that it was not clerical in nature. Yes, indeed it included some mind boggling paper work, but the major part revolved around making summaries of amalgamations schemes, contracts and various other agreements.

It also included the paper work behind on-going deals. This helped in learning the practical aspects of Mergers and Acquisition deals which is quiet rare in law school life. Other than the corporate team, I regularly took work from the tax team, which is kind of a one man army.

But the Senior Associate handling tax matters is charming and knowlegeble. The work chiefly included research on various provisions of the Income Tax Act and DTAAs. The difference was that it was some real, interesting research.

I even got the chance to draft an opinion on a query set forth to him, which I reckon was a great opportunity provided to learn.

Another part of the work included researching on various propositions under ongoing arbitration matters.

Overall, the work atmosphere is good and professional. Associates and Senior Associates are helpful and they make you understand the work properly and also extend help and review your work diligently.

The man behind

One of the biggest takeaways was a long discussion that happened between the interns and the founding partner of the firm, Anand Desai. Sir took some time off to tell us about his experiences and the pits and falls of this profession. It was particularly interesting because of Sir representing Salman Khan in the hit and run case.

He duly explained why and how the defenses were taken. We got practical insights into the case and learnt what skills it takes to make a good lawyer out of you.

What I learnt

The primary thing I learnt was reinstating my faith in practicing corporate law after graduation. I found myself enjoying even the apparently mundane paper work.

It was an enriching experience and intellectually stimulating in the sense that it made me seriously contemplate on my strengths and weaknesses and how to bridge the gap in between.

The Good

The work culture was very professional with decent working hours. It commanded the best out of you and

insisted you to give your hundred percent.

The Bad

Nothing bad as such except for the unavailability of laptops at times when you really needed it.

Other information

The office is located right next to the Elphinstone Station, and has a lot of places around to eat and chill.

At the end of the day, it is Mumbai, the city of dreams. So it is worth every bit of your hard work to be here and make something out of your life.

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  1. I am going to start interning at DSK Legal from next month. Were there other interns while you interned there? Also, did you get to choose what kind of work you wanted to do? Did they ask you to get a letter of recommendation from another lawyer and from your college and an essay on ‘why you want to intern at DSK Legal’?

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