Internship @ Dr.Kainth & Associates, Bangalore: Prompt Procedure, Good Work, Friendly People, Stipend 1500/Month

Name of the intern: Atul V Mohan, 2nd Year, NUALS

Place of internship: Dr.Kainth & Associates, Bangalore office

Office/team: The Bangalore office is pretty big (and looks good too), with a lot of conference rooms, work stations, libraries, kitchens etc.In the Bangalore office, there were 2 senior partners, 1 senior associate and around 10-15 associates.

Application procedure: I sent an email to [email protected]. They were very prompt and i got a reply within 2 days.

Duration/timings: The total duration of the internship was 4 weeks. Office is open 6 days a week from 9.30-5.30 on weekdays and 9.30 to 12.30 on Saturdays. Interns were to report at 9 am itself.

One good thing was that the office closes at exactly 5.30 pm.

They usually don’t make you stay back unless you are involved in some important case.

Accommodation: I stayed at a PG in Indiranagar Stage I. The PG was okay, but the location was just too good. KFC, McD, Dominoes, Metro all of them were within walking distance. There are a lot of PG’s in Indiranagar.

Better ask a broker or if you just walk around the signal near Indiranagar Stage I, you can find posters advertising PG’s.

First impression: I was asked to wait for about an hour my first day. Thankfully, the office had some good magazines in the reception and I indulged myself.

Then the internship coordinator whom I had been mailing came down and introduced me to everyone. I was told that no personal laptops were allowed and was given an office workstation.

Main tasks: Almost all the work is of corporate nature. Dr.Kainth did his LLM and PhD from Germany and almost all his clients are from Austria, Germany and such.

First I was given research work, on varied topics like case laws regarding consumer protection act, tenant rights against eviction under Transfer of property act, remedy for refusal to register transfer of shares etc.

I was asked to join all the meetings held every morning at 9/9.30 and even attended a client meeting.

Then I was given more serious work like drafting a letter to a body regarding money due a client and assisted in drafting a JV agreement between a German & an Indian Company.

Work environment: Before going there, I had asked another intern about the place. She said, I quote, ’very chilled out place’. True that. The office people all were very friendly. I was made to attend all the office birthday parties, diwali celebrations etc.

Even the administrative staff at Dr. Kainth and Associates was very friendly waiting for you to finish work so they can close up and even asking you to have more food. The associates were all pretty young so they were fun to be around too.

Good things: The work.  The awesome filter coffee they serve in the morning. The swanky office which is about 3 floors high and full of conference rooms, libraries and even kitchens. I kept getting lost in there. All the milkshakes,doughnuts and sweets we had for various occasions.

The meetings in the morning where we discussed cases at hand and at the same time, topics such as Skyfall, Dark Knight Rises, the best bond etc.

I found Dr.Kainth to be a cool guy. And lunch was served every day at the office.

Bad things: I wasn’t given much work the first few days.It was pretty boring, but i had net access and was also asked to read through certain documents to get an idea of drafting. But when i started getting work, there was’nt much free time.

I was the only intern left at that time, so pretty much all the associates and senior associates gave me work to do. Also, I found that almost all the previous interns had been 4th or 5th years. I felt a bit left out, but when the associates involved me in active work, it passed.

Outside work: I didn’t go much places to chill, truth be told. I either had stuff to do or had pending work to submit. But for those interested, MG Road Mall, Trinity Metro was within walking distance.

I used to walk all the way, have food and come back around 1.30. You get food in the office, but for those who want to go out, there is Adiga’s and similar hotels near Trinity Metro and for those with lower budgets, there is Rajeswari Veg, just opposite 1MG Road.

Stipend/ month: 1500. Not much, but most mid-level firms wont pay you a penny so this is actually good.

Biggest lessons: I saw the work culture and how work happens at a mid-sized corporate law firm. I learned how to survive a 9 to 5.30 day. I learned to complete my work within a time-frame. I got some people skills.

The website of Dr. Kainth and Associates is here.

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