Internship Experience @ District & Sessions Court, Bhopal: Should Read Lots of Books and Bare Acts in Law School

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Deepika Sharma, UPES Dehradun, 2nd Year

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District & Sessions Court, Bhopal

Application Process with contact details

You have to send a email to district court office or contact them on phone. Then they will tell you to courier the college recommendation letter with your CV attached then they will give you a date for that when district judge will sign the application then you will get the Internship period.

Duration of internship and timings

The duration of my Internship was from 3 June- 23 June, 2016. It was 3 weeks internship.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

District Court Bhopal is a very nice and well managed way to do internship as infrastructure or the campus is quite confusing but worth visiting. On the first day when I met the Judicial Magistrate of First Class I was very enthusiastic as he is very renowned and knowledgeable judge. When I talked him his accent and way of speaking was very ravishing and influencing.

Main tasks

We were to listen the proceedings of the court and to see and analyse the various proceedings. We have to see the order sheet,Final Report,Property Seizure Memo, Medical Reports, Judicial Remand and the Gazette Notification(if any). When are thorough with it then we are supposed to listen the court proceedings of both Prosecution and Defence.

Apart from these we read lot many bare acts like IPC, CrPC and Indian Evidence Act and many books like Ratanlal Dhirajlal etc.

The court was a special so both Criminal as well as Food Adulteration Proceedings were there so studied prevention of food adulteration (7th amendment) rules, 2006 also.

After all this, we also went to family courts and read a little about Marriages and Divorce cases.

At last, at 5 pm court timings gets over.

Work environment and people

Work Environment is very inspiring as when you are working under Judge then he wants you to be prick and perfect about the laws and whats going in the court.

So, everyday he gave us sections to read so that we aware what will be dealt today and which case we are supposed to be thorough with.

People were very helpful as the Clerk makes sure that as the order sheet reaches on time so that we read the case before the proceedings.

Best things

The best things were:-

1. The Court Reporter writes everything quickly which is going the court room without any mistake which is quite amazing.

2. The Judge I met was well versed with every law and acts he is suppose to deal with without referring to any book and which makes me very inspiring.

3. Even the Police people who had charge of that area very knowledgeable about whats happening in their area when judge asks them.

Bad things

The only bad thing that I met with was that there was delay in proceedings because the district judge was very busy in his own work and did not pay any heed on what matter to approve or not. That was not that bad but should be improved up to some extent.


No stipend.

Biggest Lessons

The biggest lesson I learnt that this time when I am in Law school should read books and bare acts more and more as possible. When I will step out after my course completion then I will have lots of opportunities.

One more thing that whichever profession you should do it perfectly and one should justify his/her career so that he is satisfied in what he is doing is good and should always be happy in doing.

Any Other Thing

Lastly, I want to quote by conveying my message that:

” We shouldn’t have to be burdened with all the technicalities that come up from time to time with shrewd, smart lawyers interpreting what the laws or what the Constitution may or may not say.”
– Dan Quayle

Overall Rating



The place where I did internship was near my home so I stayed there only.

Office Timings

The office timings were from 11 AM to 5 PM in the evening as and when the court closes.

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