Internship Experience @ Ludhiana District Court, Punjab: Learnt About Lok Adalats, Working of the Courts

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District Court, Ludhiana, Punjab

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December 2015

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The first day was very nice as I had my introduction with many of the senior advocates. We talked and had a discussion on companies act. Than they also shared their experiences of landmark cases and their research. Same day I also met the judges.

Main tasks

Our main task was to prepare the facts of the case and send the mails to the defendants and the plaintiff regarding the dates.

Work environment and people

The work environment was very nice. People were helpful and worked with full enthusiasm. Many people helped me in knowing and learning things.

Best things

I got to learn many things and learnt about lok adalat. I learnt about the how the trials are made in the courts. Specifically dealt with the cases of companies.

Bad things

The worst thing was the twin side of the people.To prove their side right they were making wrong statements and telling lie.



Biggest Lessons

I came across many cases and thus learnt that we have to be diplomatic enough to prove our point right.And if we are not able to the case os gone from our hands.

Overall Rating



I stayed at my own home.As it was district court and near to my house so I travelled through car everyday.

Office Timings

Morning 9’o clock to evening 4’o clock

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