Internship Experience @ Devraj and Associates, Advocates, Tis Hazari Courts, Delhi: Learnt a lot about court proceedings

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Devraj and Associates, Advocates, Tis Hazari Courts, Delhi, 2

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Mr. Devraj Singh: Chamber No. 121, Western Wing, Tis Hazari Courts, Delhi

Duration of internship and timings

3 weeks. 11th November, 2013 to 3rd December, 2013

Timing: 10:00 hours to 17:00 hours

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

On the first day, as I entered the chamber, it had two floors, the area wasn’t too big, but it was sufficient enough that on one floor, 2 advocates could sit and 4 -5 clients or interns. There was another intern with me who had been interning there for 2 months.

Devraj Sir is a little aged, but still young when he is working. He works with 3-4 advocates. That day, he just talked to me, making me comfortable around there. I felt at ease there.

Main tasks

The main task there was attending the Court proceedings. As soon as we reached the Chambers, we would be given a few case files and told which all Court rooms we have to be in. Some days we would hear Sir, arguing, and some days, we would have to ask for another date from the judge or take a pass-over.

I had never stood in front of a judge before or asked for another date or a pass over, so, doing this was also quite frightening for me and also quite fun.

Work environment and people

The other associates were also very friendly. They were young and they also taught me a few things about the court proceedings, and we discussed few cases that they were handling. One of them was a ‘Father’ from a Church. He was also very helpful and very cool.

At times, they would get ‘samosas’ and ‘kachoris’ for us.

The work environment was very comfortable and very friendly.

Best things

I got to learn a lot of things about courts, about proceedings, about how to carry on a pleading, about client counselling. It was a wonderful experience.

Bad things



No stipend, but if any “Costs” are avoided in any proceeding, we got the Costs!

Biggest Lessons

It is your Knowledge you gain or have gained that will help, and not just the Degree certificate that is awarded on completion of the course, in future for work. So, learn and understand what you study.

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