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Internship @ Desai & Diwanji, Gurgaon : No Work, Delayed Certificates, “Karma Will Catch Up” , Says the Intern

By: The Admin | January 24, 2013


Place of internship: Desai & Diwanji, Gurgaon.

Office size: Office was big. Around 25 people were on duty.

Duration/timings: 4 Weeks. 28 days. 10 am to 7 pm.

First impression: Disgusting. First impression was why I came to Desai and Diwanji, Gurgaon. I would always repent for having accepted this internship.

Your only formality in the internship is to get the biometric card on the first day & give it back on the last day. Additionally get scolding from handful of Associates who consider it as their deemed birth right.

Main tasks: There were no works. Whenever you go to any Associate and ask for work – they would never give you any work because they themselves had very little work.

But be guaranteed to get abuses from people there telling you that you don’t do any work. Most of the works were clerical in nature even for final year students.

Work environment: Work environment was good. People were also good for one of the main reason nobody bothers or talks you. Only two or three people would keep a track on you.

One male associate who was in-charge was decent and good. But few people there would always want to screw you as if it is their hereditary right.

Best thing: Best thing is it is stress-free. As there are very little works you will have enormous free time. You will get unlimited Tea or Coffee.

Bad things: Countless worsts. They tell you that you have do a presentation on some topic at the beginning of the internship. But they wouldn’t bother to tell you when you have to submit the work or present your paper.

Suddenly sometime they would come and thrash you as if you’ve committed a heinous murder. People who would never bother whether Interns come or go would be so much bothered at the end of the Internship about presentation and be rest assured you would be screwed, humiliated during the presentation from till moment unseen people called as Associates.

One of the interns who didn’t do the presentation well was made to cry very badly. Well; do they have the courtesy to leave off at that moment? No. They even went again after he/she is back in her cabin to humiliate her more and more to make him/her feel worst and cry more. Simply they enjoy humiliating you badly in front of others towards the end of your Internship to show their superiority.

More than all that; if you do this internship do you think they will bother to give you a certificate? If Yes – You’re a fool then. Do not expect a prompt certificate from them at the last day of your internship (At all other firms I interned I got the certificate on the final day). Leave it.

After your internship do you think you will get the certificate? No. You won’t unless you make more than dozens of calls. You should be lucky to get the certificate at first point at an Internship here.

Few of my co-interns decided not to beg any more for certificates. They have convinced their mind that they will try to forget such a horrendous internship that they don’t even want to have a certificate in the memory.

Finally, to one of the intern what happened you know? He/She had to board the train that night somewhere 100 kms away from the internship place and wanted to leave early on the last day through a public transport system (which he/she usually takes).

The more diligent and structured firm wanted her to stay long that particular day and said her to take a taxi and go late. This is nothing but a mere mental torture. Have they ever bothered to give any work in the rest of 27 days to come and poke you only on the 28th day?

Please have some heart! Do not treat interns like untouchable people. I am sorry to say that Karma will give back its best one day or other.

karma: scary or serene?

What did you do to chill: Co-interns at Desai and Diwanji are someone who can help you in case you land up in this place by means of company and time spending at this devastated place.

Note: Internship experiences are shared by individual law students and are, of course, subjective. Lawctopus’ policy on publishing internship experiences:

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A bad internship, and we’ll berate you.

We’ll never defame you.

Thank you!

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