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Internship Experience @ Delhi State Legal Services Authority, New Delhi: Visit Different Government Bodies

By: User Submitted | August 4, 2016
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Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Delhi State Legal Services Authority, Patiala House Courts, New Delhi

Application Process with contact details

There application process, one needs to print out the application form from their website http://dlsa.nic.in and fill in the details, get it signed by their college Dean, scan and send it on the email ID given in the application procedure on their website.

Duration of internship and timings

1st July, 2013 – 22nd July, 2013.

Their internship program is for 3 weeks. I interned there in my first year as we were told by our college to intern with an NGO or some government run organization.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The head office of DSLSA is in the Patiala House Courts at Tilak Marg, New Delhi. They have an entire building to themselves, but the main work happens on the first floor only.

On the first day, the interns had to mark their attendance/presence and then sit in a room where we were made to introduce ourselves to everyone and then showed presentations. After that we were divided into teams and each team was given a schedule for the next 3 weeks of which all government bodies we were to visit at what date and time, and whom to contact there for directions and assistance.

Main tasks

Our main tasks were to visit different government bodies, understand their working and functioning and observe what the drawbacks were. We visited many bodies like Observation Home for boys and girls, Juvenile Justice Board, Electricity Board, Lok Adalat, Tihar Jail, Child Welfare Committee, police station, etc. We also had to observe court proceedings in Patiala House and Tis Hazari on one or two days.

We even visited IHBAS, which is the mental health facility and the people who plead mental incapacity or unsoundness of mind in cases are also admitted there. We got to interact with the mentally handicapped persons and see their living condition there. We even had to fill out questionnaires based on these interactions, given to us by DSLSA. It was really intimidating to interact with those people, but it was also one memorable experience.

We were also given questionnaire which we had to fill on interviewing new inmates in Tihar Jail on whether they are getting legal aid or not.

We had to submit a report on what we did at the end of our internship along with the questionnaires filled in Tihar, based on which we got our certificate of completion.

Work environment and people

The people at all institutions were very welcoming and guided us through every detail of how their respective institution/body works, which was really helpful. They were more than happy to address any of our doubts or queries.

Best things

Interacting with the inmates at Tihar, the mentally handicapped at IHBAS, the children at various Observation Homes and Child Welfare Committee were one of the best experiences. I guess those one on one interactions made all the difference in the overall experience that I had during my internship.

Bad things

There was nothing bad in particular with that internship that can be pin pointed. It was truly an experience for me and I loved each and every bit of it, except maybe the traveling and navigating to reach the destination, which was really a task at times.



Biggest Lessons

I got to observe the ground reality of government bodies which was truly an eye opener for me. I believe every law student in their first year must intern with DSLSA as it is the best practical experience for students who are just starting out with law.


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