Internship Experience @ Delhi State Legal Services Authority, New Delhi: Taught by Judges, Tihar Jail Visit

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2nd June – 22nd June, 2014

Our summer internship was the most wonderful experience we had after getting admitted to Law. It lasted for 21 days, from 2nd June to 22nd June. It was totally free of cost. It was organized by DSLSA ( Delhi State Legal Services Authority), New Delhi.

Internship Experience: The Story

We, about 10 friends applied for internship in May. We were so excited about the internship. We had lots of expectations, from this internship, related to fun and knowledge.

The Organizers also did their best to make those 21 days memorable. They also tried their best to make our summer vacations best vacations ever. We all classmates from our college were New to Delhi.

We not only had fun there, and not only learnt about law, there we learnt about life too. We were given with a few thousands of rupees by our parents and we had to survive for about a month in Delhi. On the very first day of our internship, we were provided with the schedule of all 21 days.

We all were 200 students joining DSLSA. All 200 students were divided in 10 groups, with 20 students in each group. Each group was headed by 2 co-ordinators, which were selected according to their seniority in studies in law.

Our group had 14 students from our college i.e. Institute of Law, Kurukshetra University, 4 were from a law college in Allahabad and 2 were from NLU Assam. Our group co-ordinators would tell us timings for the next day through whatsapp.

Everyday we had something new to learn, to observe and a new place to visit. Our visits included visits to Supreme Court, High Court, Juvenile home, Patilala House courts, Tis Hazari Court, Police Station, India gate, etc. In early days of internship we were told by someone that we would be given money @ Rs. 50 Per day.

Now we don’t remember who said this thing, but still we remember what he said. We were very happy that we will get money but soon we realised that we were manipulated.

The first two days of internship were really awesome. We were motivated and taught about law by judges, senior advocates, social workers working for protection of human n children rights.

In my opinion, our visits to Tihar jail were the best. In Tihar jail we got very close to prisoners and their lifestyle. There we even had lunch, which made for them, but thank god, didn’t have with them.

After having lunch I personally felt myself very unlucky, because the quality of food provided to them was much better than the food provided to us in our hostel.

That day we came to know the hidden reality, or we can say good reality. That day our misunderstanding about prisoners and their lifestyle got omitted. Before that visit most of us used to imagine jails and their system according to Hindi movies. Like a prisoner is standing with holding bars staring at visitors and is with a white dress with vertical black lines on it and with vertical”dhara number” mentioned on its pocket.

We would also imagine that they are also forced to work hard, like breaking stones on mountains in noon and are provided unhygienic food. But reality was something else. They lived in wide and cool rooms with coolers and fans and T.V. with them and were also given food better than ours.

They simply used to eat well and lay whole day before coolers and watch their favourite programmes. They also had opportunity to work and earn by manufacturing small products like shampoo, soap, detergent, shoes etc. Their products were sold with their unique brand, named “TJs“.

They also had well updated library, sports facilities, and even their separate radio station.

But there was one thing they couldn’t do and that was that they couldn’t escape from there. Overall my experience was awesome and unique. I learnt many new things, much more than expected.

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