Internship @ Delhi Legal State Authority: Jail and Court Visits, Systematic Work, Rated 9/10

Isha Mehrotra. Army Institute of law,Mohali. Second year.

Delhi State Legal Services Authority, New Delhi.

1st July to 22nd July.(22 days)

You can either mail your covering application along with your CV on the following email id: [email protected] or just before the internship period starts , the Delhi State Legal Services Authority releases an internship form.

This internship form can be easily printed put and needs to be filled with all your particulars and a recommendation letter from your college. The address on which it has to be posted will be mentioned in the internship form itself. In case you are selected , you will receive both an email and a phone call informing you of the dress code, location etc.

22 days. Sunday holiday. 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.However you can leave early in case your work is done.There is no obligation to complete the number of hours !
The head office of the Delhi State Legal Services Authority is located in the campus of the Patiala house courts. It is located near the India gate as well as the famous Connaught place, hence is very well connected with the entire city through metro, buses, autos etc. However this doesnt really make a big difference as you would not have to visit the head office very often. The interns have to travel to new places everyday in order to conduct surveys etc.

Since there is no fixed place that you have to visit everyday, one can take an accommodation anywhere, it wont make a difference. But a place that is well connected via public transport would obviously be highly beneficial.

On the first day, there was brief roll call as to check who all were present.we were then taken to the conference room (which was indeed small) where we were briefed about the concept of free legal aid and what all was expected of us as interns. We were then handed out a detailed schedule in which were were assigned dates on which we were supposed to visit various places. These places included observation homes, welfare homes, jails, courts etc.

This internship is highly beneficial for students who are in their first year of law as in due course of this internship, they get the basic hang of what they are pursuing. Most of the interns were either from the first year or the second year of law.

We visited several courts such as that of the patiala house, tis hazari etc. There we were introduced to the concept of court proceedings as we were made to sit in different court rooms in order to observe the same. We also had an interactive session with the district court judges who shared with us , their life experiences including the ones in their professional field.
We were also familiarized with the subject of mediation and conciliation through our visit to the mediation center in the tis hazari courts. We also visited the family court and the civil court within the premises of the same.

We visited several observation homes as well as child welfare homes under the juvenile justice board of delhi. We interacted with the children and filled in the questionnaires provided to us by DLSA. These questionnaires included details of the children such as their family background, the time span spent in the welfare/observation home, if they are satisfied with the living conditions etc. We also witnessed the vocational training that is imparted to these children such as tailoring, cooking etc.

It was indeed the best part of the entire internship when we visited the tihar jail and interacted with the inmates. We, again, filled in questionnaires which included writing their family background, the crimes committed by them, if their cases were still pending , if they were aware of the concept of free legal aid etc. Getting to talk to these hardcore criminals and knowing about their mentality was indeed a life changing experience.

The staff present in the head office is pretty co-operative and approachable. In case of any queries , you can always walk up to them without any hesitation. My co-interns were also very friendly and interactive. One could never get bored during the working hours of the internship because of the amazing company of one’s co-interns and also because of the new adventures that we had to undertake everyday by travelling to new places !!

Though this internship, you will get to travel the entire state of Delhi which makes you a very independent and confident person by the end of these 22 days. This internship is highly beneficial for beginners in the field of law as it will help them in getting to know the various aspects of law other than courts alone.

One gets to visit lok adalats and witness the functioning of the free legal aid cells. The treatment that we receive, as interns of DLSA, from various judges, jail authorities, JJB authorities is simply splended ! The best part , that i have mentioned earlier also, is the jail visit , which completely changes your outlook towards the society as well as life.

You are on your own when it comes to travelling to various destinations. Although phone numbers of the authorities(of the place to be visited) are provided in the schedule,it can be hard for someone who is not comfortable in travelling alone. Although, the head office is very well furnished with central air conditioning system (unlike any government office) but the working is very slow , just like any other government office (because i havent received my certificate till now ) !

You are likely to get a stipend along with your certificate in case they are impressed with your internship report that you have to submit at the end of your internship. But once you work there, stipend or no stipend, the experience is totally worth it.

An excellent internship for beginners. An internship worth doing by every law student. This internship provides you with immense amount of confidence. You learn to handle each and every kind of individual, from a highly esteemed judge , a hardcore criminal to a homeless juvenile. I would rate my internship experience 9/10 !

Disclaimer: Internship experiences are opinions shared by individual law students and tend to be personal and subjective in nature. The internship experiences shared on Lawctopus are NOT Lawctopus official views on the internship.

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