[email protected] Delhi Legal Services Authority: Court Life Live, Lok Adalats and Parivartan

Intern’s Name: Vibhanshu Srivastava

College: Chanakya National Law University, Patna

Year when interned: First year

Remuneration: Rs. 1500

Duration: 1 month

Working days: 5, but sometimes I was even called on Saturdays and Sundays if there were Lok Adalats.

Whether they were strict about timings: No

Like any other fresher even I was skeptical regarding my first internship. After a lot of discussion on the topic with the seniors and people from other NLUs, I ended up applying in some NGOs and some State Legal Service Authorities. I was finally selected in Delhi Legal Services Authority for my first winter internship.

Being unaware of the work procedure, my role @ DLSA and my upcoming month at DLSA, I reached the office on the very first day and marked my attendance. I was really expecting a good experience from this place as I heard a lot about DLSA.

The ‘nothing to do’ first few days

To be very frank for the first few days I did nothing more than going there and marking my attendance. I sat in their office comfortably and after a few hours they would tell me to come the other day as they were still not prepared with their internship schedule or the coordinator for internships was absent that day.

During the first week of my internship the only thing I did was interaction. I interacted with the students from different NLUs and other Law Colleges and I made some really good friends there (and we’re still in touch:).

Court life live

The DLSA office is situated in the Patiala House Court Complex in Delhi. Finally our internship schedule was prepared and for a few days I was given the work of observing the court proceedings in the Patiala House Compound.

Mega Lok Adalat

Then came up the schedule for MegaTraffic Lok Adalat, which was organised by DLSA, It was a one day event for the disposal of the cases related to Traffic Laws, mainly the Motor Vehicles Act.

As a legal intern, my duty was to observe the procedure at Karkardooma Court in the East Circle. I helped people in filling their applications and specially in telling them the section under which their case would fall. The event was a success and I had a close look at it. It was a learning experience indeed.

Delhi Police

Then came a new programme which involved some field work to be done in coordination with Parivartan Cell of Delhi Police. For this programme all the interns at DLSA were divided into small groups of five members and were made to work in different places in Delhi.

The interns were given a presentation on the Parivartan Cell of Delhi Police. Parivartan Cell basically comprises of lady constables working at the ground level and interrogating in the cases pertaining to Violence against women, rape, violence against parents and senior citizens and Child rights.

Basically what has been observed is that women from slums are not always vocal about their problems. Therefore, the lady constables of the Parivartan Cell inquired into these matters personally by meeting the women from slums, asking them their problem because, due to various fears these women are not always vocal about their problems and they refrain from taking a legal action. This is the main reason why so many cases of violence against women go unreported.


The task which we were given was to work at the grass root level with this cell, to interact with people and talk from the slums and finally to provide them legal aid. We were given the legal aid forms which were for those who couldn’t afford legal consultation fess and were really in need.

My team included people from Faculty of law, Delhi University and we were to work in Chandni Chowk Area. We carried a survey, talked to people in the locality and made them fill the forms. The experience was amazing and I really felt good to be a part of this program.

The internship forms for DLSA are available on the website: http://dlsa.nic.in/, not always but few weeks before their summer and winter internship schedule.

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