Internship @ Delhi Legal Service Authority DLSA; Legal Aid Experience, Rs.1500 Stipend

Name: Shubham Srivastava, Amity Law School, Lucknow Campus, IInd year.

Name of the organisation: Delhi Legal Service Authority(DLSA), New Delhi

How big was the office? The office comprises of a whole floor at Patiala House Court Complex. There are around 20 people.

Application procedure. Internship contact details: I had applied online. They release their form in the month of March. I filled up the form and sent it with a recommendation letter attached.

Further details can be found from the website (

Duration in weeks. No. of days/week. Timings: 3 weeks, Mon-Fri, The timings are defined by the tasks you get allotted at the office.

Accommodation: New Delhi is my hometown so there was no problem of accommodation. But outstation students can get accommodation in North Campus, University Of Delhi as there are lots of PG’s. The area is also well connected with metro as well from the DLSA.

First impression: The first day formalities included a conference room meeting headed by the executive members of DLSA, attended by all other interns. It was an interactive session with the executive members of DLSA and with other fellow interns.

Main tasks: We daily visited new places like women’s organizations, jails etc. We had to submit a report on any of the topics specified on the website ( Every topic listed down was distinct and very interesting.

Work environment, people: The work environment was highly productive. The interns were never treated stringently. We went to communities and interacted with people. The people at the place of internship were good, particularly members of the commission.

The main advantage was not only for law student but students from other social sciences fields are allowed. They think as social work, as legal advisor and force to me think the same and broaden my limits of understanding the law in a better and specially about the legal aid.

Best things:  You will learn how to research, interpret correctly, write well, listen, and grow intellectually. It’s is highly advisable internship for a first year law student.

It is liberal in structure so you can work and enjoy at the same time. We have learned a lot and got to know how governments provide legal aid and also observed the implementation of various government policies.

I made new friends and met such wonderful people we had guests coming to our centre from various countries so got a chance to meet them, certain seminars were held during my course of the internship I could attend those, the place is wonderful, it is a beautiful city having good weather and I loved the food and my work.

Bad things: There is lack of coordination and no assistance is given to the outstation student when they go on the field visit.

What did you do to chill: For food, one can always go for street food in New Delhi. Places worth visiting are Supreme Court, Supreme Court Museum, Parliament Museum, Delhi Hatt, University Of Delhi etc

Stipend/ month: Rs.1500.

Anything else you’d like to tell: I’d like to add, that this is an excellent place for a first year student of law to intern, as it provides for an ideal process of growth and exposure.

Those who are interested in legal aid and constitutional law, should opt for the DLSA internship.

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