Internship @ Delhi Legal Service Authority DLSA, New Delhi : Lack of Discpline, Lots of Travelling & Visits, No Stipend

Name: Mansi Bhatia, Vivekanada Institute of Professional Studies, Ist year.

Name of the organisation: Delhi Legal Service Authority(DLSA), New Delhi

How big was the office? The office comprises of a whole floor at Patiala House Court Complex. There are around 30 people approximately. New delhi Phone no. 23384781, Email id – [email protected]. The office was really good as it was fully air conditioned, the atmosphere and interior were very pleasant.

Duration in weeks. No. of days/week. Timings: July 1- July 22 (22 days).

Timings are 11 am to 4 pm but the timings were flexible in he sense that if the work gets done before time then interns are allowed to leave early.

Accommodation: I lived in Delhi so accommodation was not a problem and thus I do not know of details about any near by PG.

First impression: First impression of DLSA was not that good which I had initially expected.

I reached on time at the office, saw and met other interns which were from and outside Delhi. Thereafter, we were required to sign the attendance sheet then we were directed towards conference room where our briefing was to be done.

But the biggest turn off was that there was no proper arrangement at the conference room of the Delhi Legal Services Authority. The room was not spacious and the projector which was to be used while briefing was to be done did not work properly.

To start the session, the designated official was not on time, the interns were made to wait one and a half hours for the projector to set, but when the session started it was nice overall, interns were divided in the group of 5-6 (in one group) then after briefing tea n snacks were also provided to the interns which was a way of warm welcome and much needed break after the session.

Main tasks: On the first day itself all the interns at DLSA were handed a 21 days schedule. All the places which we were supposed to visit were listed in that schedule, last day was about the report submission.

In Brief, these are the places we visited :

1. Tihar jail (interaction with prisoners)

2. Police station (how does an FIR is filed and the working)

3. JJB’S -Juvenile Justice Board

4. Permanent lok adalat

5. Patiala house court and tis hazari court

6. CWC-child welfare committee

7. 2-3 observation home for boys

8. Mediation centers

9. NGO’s

Work environment, people: We were never made to sit in the office of DLSA , during the whole internship programme we were sent to various places, but the work environment at the office was also good.

People were easy to interact with. In between the group also , i faced no major problem in fact my group members were compatible with each other so we worked / coordinated smoothly.

Best things:  The best thing was time flexibility as if our work was done then we were allowed to leave for home. There were no strict rules to stay till 4.

Another good thing was that on the first day itself they gave us a proper schedule with the contact details of the person assigned if we were to visit any place.

Moreover the places which they made us to visit gave good exposure.

Bad things: Too much traveling in the hot weather of Delhi and no stipend being awarded , moreover daily traveling expense because mode of traveling was self (as they were not giving any stipend so instead of that at least could have provided us with a common cab but no such facilities were there) , these things added more to our misery.

Also, at times the places which we were suppose to visit and report to the assigned person, the assigned person was never on time and sometimes even went missing so there also inconvenience was caused to the interns.

What did you do to chill: To chill and hang around the office we went to the canteen of Patiala House Court.

They had awesome tea/coffee points where we also had hot samosa with our tea.

Moreover Cannaught place is also nearby so that was another great option to roam around.

Stipend/ month: None.

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