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Internship Experience @ Delhi Legal Service Authority, Delhi: Introduction to Law and Procedure

By: User Submitted | September 18, 2016
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Delhi Legal Service Authority, Delhi

Application Process

The application form was downloaded from their respective website, and a printout was submitted to their office. Alternately, you could also fill the form, scan it, and send it back to the email address mentioned on their website.

Duration of internship and timings

The internship was about a period of 25 days and usually for a very short period of time. They would usually ask us to report around 10, and the internship went all ti’ll about 2.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The first impression was of a slightly unorganized system. We were told that out internship would start on a particular date but it started a week after. We were only told the day before that we are selected for our internship, which resulted in a lot of uncertainty.

The first day was good. We want to the police station at mandir marg, and were given a tour and explained basic procedure for filing FIR’s and the like. It started an hour later than scheduled though, a thing which we’ll get used too pretty soon in the course of this internship.

Main tasks

Technically speaking, there are no tasks at hand except making an internship report and writing about our experiences. This internship is more educational so if you’re expecting to work then don’t go for it.

Work environment and people

The environment was really good, as this is a government institution we got access to a lot places where we wouldn’t have been able to go in normal course. People were all from my college only, as they had divided us on the basis of year and colleges into teams.

Best things

This internship is ideal for a first year student as you get the basic first introduction into the world of law. You’ll visit courts (we got to see the CJI in the courtroom), police stations, jails, juvenile homes, children homes, etc. There is a lot to learn.

Bad things

Nothing is organised. If things were scheduled at 10 they’ll start at 12. It builds an aura of complacency and people get lazy and come according to their time.


No stipend

Biggest Lessons

The internship gave me that introduction to law and procedure which a first year student really needs.

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