Internship Experience @ Delhi International Arbitration Centre, New Delhi: 5 Star Infra, No Stipend, Learn the Actual Filing Process in Courts

Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Sagar, Damodaram Sanjivayya National Law University, 2nd year

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Delhi International Arbitration Centre, New Delhi

Application Process with contact details

Application procedure is quite simple and as per my knowledge works basically on “first come first serve” basis. DAC usually doesn’t reject upcoming talent. you just need to send your CV to with a properly drafted cover letter.

Remember as long as they have sufficient slots available and you don’t mess up with your CV you will have no problem in getting an internship there. Remember keep your cover letter crisp and short; no need to write a long flashy one.

As far as CV is concerned most people think that they haven’t attended enough moot courts or published enough papers so they won’t get internship but hey Delhi International Arbitration Centre, New Delhi is there to break this myth.

Duration of internship and timings

4th May 2016 to 2nd June 2016. Please take a note of Delhi High Court calendar before applying their slots may get filled before you receive their mail to review your internship dates.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

Well first things first, If you are new to Delhi High Court then make sure to ask directions for the medical/dispensary building not the arbitration center.

Arbitration centre is on 2nd and 3rd floor of the building so feel free to use any of the two elevators. When you reach the second or the third floor you will get a feeling that you have entered a whole new building.

The interior, the lobby, the conference halls, the reception everything gives a vibe of a multi-national corporation.

First thing you got to do is to report to Coordinator-cum-Registrar on the third floor. I will just be a formal welcome to Delhi International Arbitration Centre for you and the next thing you have to do is to reach the conference room downstairs.

There you are most likely to meet three cheerful coordinators and they will ask you casual questions about arbitration and don’t worry if you don’t know anything at all just approach them and tell them whatever you know and they will definitely give you a brief introduction to arbitration and arbitration proceedings.

The next task given by them will be according to their assessment of your abilities. Either you got to attend one proceeding that might be going on at that time in one of the conference halls or you have to help the coordinators in compilation of case files.

(Special note: most cases you got to compile have not been decided so any information you might gain while reading the case file have to remain confidential at all costs or you may have to suffer consequences)

Main tasks

Main tasks we were asked to do were:-

(a) Listen to proceedings, make notes and ask any doubts we may come across; relatively easy right.

(b) Compilation of case files.

(Special note: most cases you got to compile have not been decided so any information you might gain while reading the case file have to remain confidential at all costs or you may have to suffer consequences)

(c) Case analysis: once every week the registrar sir will allot cases to each intern for analysis that have to be submitted as soon as possible but there was no strict time limit for the same it was as per convenience also keeping in mind that people around you notice your punctuality so make sure you complete it within reasonable time.

Apart from them you might be asked for help by the coordinator like helping him/her find a file or a particular affidavit/email from the file.

Basically the are all fun tasks and you actually learn the practical aspects of legal career. This might be an eye-opener for those who still haven’t experienced the filing and submission of various documents in Court.

Work environment and people

Work environment is really awesome. You work in a 5-star office with super friendly superiors what more can you ask. You can approach anyone from coordinators to registrar sir anytime as long as they are not busy in any meeting.

Staff at DAC comprises of fun loving easy minded people so make sure you don’t upset them. Everyone from the coordinators to the support staff all were equally friendly and approachable.

If you need anything just ask the coordinators or if you need any case file just ask the support staff and they will find it for you.

Best things

We all know how crucial is it for law students or as a matter of fact anyone in legal field to have a lots of contracts so if you are not good at interacting with lawyer or judges Delhi International Arbitration Centre is the place for you.

Arbitral proceeding lack that seriousness and tension that one usually feels when looking at criminal or civil proceeding. This makes the lawyers as well as the judges/arbitrators to sit and talk things out in a simple and fun manner.

After the time is up you can go to lawyers of even the arbitrator to ask about the case, ask about themselves and you will surely get to learn a thing or two every time you interact with a lawyer or arbitrator.

The main difference between Delhi International Arbitration Center and other internships is that you meet people that are absolutely calm and most of the times in fun mood so they patiently listen to you, give a nice reply and at times if they are interested in you, try to assess your knowledge.

Apart form that you got unlimited coffee, AWESOME, fully AC floors, wi-fi and a comfortable chair to sit and work on.

Plus I would recommend that, if you can, try to include following dates in your internship term irrespective of the month you are applying in.

Dates are 1st and 2nd of the month and last 4 days of the month believe me if you get both the dates in your internship period you are gonna receive a surprise. Trust me you will not regret it.

Bad things

One and the only bad thing that I come across was the skin melting temperature of Delhi during break time.


No Stipend but who needs one when you have unlimited supply of coffee and tea plus snacks from time to time.

Biggest Lessons

I learnt a lot from the arbitrators that I came across. I learnt how actual filing process works in the courts and also understood that opportunities can approach you anywhere.

During one of my interactions with a lawyer (sorry can’t name him) I received an offer for internship so it was all good.

One last thing I learned was that if you don’t know something better to admit it on spot sometimes it may be even more beneficial to you than having knowledge on the subject.

Any Other Thing

My internship experience was great and I will be applying there again this time with a thorough knowledge on the subject. Plus if you need any suggestions or help from me feel free to contact me at


Well I basically live in Sonipat and have a lot of relatives in and around Delhi so stay was not a problem for me but those who don’t have that privilege can find it comfortable to stay in PG’s.

Well as far as I can recommend the nearest and the best PG’s will be in Laxmi Nagar. One of my friends stayed in them and you can get them easily for Rs. 4000 or if you can afford up to Rs. 5000 you can even get a single AC room.

Most convenient part you don’t have to pay advance and all that.

Office Timings

Office timings were from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM for us interns. We had to reach the office by 10:00 AM sharp. We were allowed to leave the office at 4 or 4:30 PM sometimes but only with the prior permission of the coordinators.

We also got an hour break between proceedings as per High Court time table.

Disclaimer: Internship experiences are opinions shared by individual law students and tend to be personal and subjective in nature. The internship experiences shared on Lawctopus are NOT Lawctopus official views on the internship.

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