Internship Experience @ Deepak Tyagi and Company, Delhi: Satisfied with the things I learnt during my internship, Rated 10/10

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Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Nitesh Bhandari, Institute of Law, Nirma University, 3rd Year

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Deepak Tyagi & Co. Delhi. Mr. Deepak Tyagi and Mr. KK Gautam. S-513, 2nd floor, Shakarpur-II, Vikas Marg, Delhi-110092

Application Process with contact details

I applied through personal contact. anyone wants to intern under Mr.Deepak Taygi and send a mail to

Duration of internship and timings

April – May 2016.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

This is my second of internship under the chamber of Mr. Deepak tyagi sir.

On the first day, I started my work as there was no formal introduction session because this is my second term under same office but I met new people who are also pursuing their career in the field of litigation under the able guidance of Deepak sir.

Also on the first day of my internship, I started to read the file of the cases which were listed for next days. I prepared brief notes of the case files I read. Brief notes has to be given to sir so that he can see what I am doing during my working hours.

Main tasks

I cannot describe in words what I have learnt through this internship. Internship gives me a chance to evaluate my practical understanding of what I have learnt till now.

I personally consider internship an essential part of academics and take it very seriously. I got to know the requirement of the litigation filed.

This month long internship provided me with an opportunity to get involved with the experienced people who are already working in the litigation filed.

During this internship I got to know the technicalities of the law and statutes. Statutes are very easy to understand but difficult to describe or interpret when it comes to the application of the law in a particular condition or circumstance.

I did my research work on substantive as well as procedural law. One thing I learnt during my internship is, there is way for everything, and you just need to apply your mind in right direction. Most of the time I sit in office and did my research work.

Very few times I visited court for some hearing but I am satisfied with the things I learnt during my internship.

I did research work related to C.P.C, I.P.C, Cr.P.C, N.I act and rent restriction act.

The internship provides me with an opportunity to understand the legal technicalities of the statutes. Internship is a tool to gain practical knowledge of the laws learnt in the law schools.

I did research work which is going to help me in near future and throughout my legal profession. My experience of the internship is very good. I got to know and meet different people which are already working in the litigation filed.

One interesting thing which I got to know through my internship is rent control acts. The acts are very beneficial for the tenants but at the same time these have become an tool for harassment of landlords.

Landlords have to file an eviction petition of if they have to get their property vacated from tenant, which they themselves have rented to the tenants.

It is surprising to know that some petitions are pending before the court since long. The objection to eviction petition has become a way to harass the landlord and get the rent under control.

The landlord has to prove bona fide need which differs from case to case which gives an opportunity to tenants to harass the landlord unnecessarily. Second thing which I got to know during this internship is the burden on judiciary.

The judiciary is burdened by the cases which are vexatious. Many people try to harass people through law and they find judiciary very efficient tool.

The increasing burden on the judiciary is a hindrance to the justice and welfare of the people. The system may collapse due to increasing unnecessary burden on the judiciary. The false or mala fide cases/complaints are one of the main reasons of this burden.

Work environment and people

• The office and the work environment are very good for an intern as well as an advocate. You get the best opportunity to get what you want from this legal profession.

The surroundings affects your subconscious mind indirectly and that’s why the workplace is very important. I got the best support which I can ever have. The office clerk, Mr Rohit was very friendly. Each and every request of mine was accepted by the people who have directed my internship journey to a happy end.

• The work given to me is going to be very helpful in future. Internship is for practical purpose and my internship under the able guidance of MR. Deepak tyagi sir sufficed the purpose. He also assigned me the drafting work which I consider a very important responsibility which a lawyer can assign to his intern.

• The way we used to do the work was very systematic. Everything in the office was very systematic and it enhances the efficacy of the office and work. The organized work environment boosts the productivity of each and every individual of the organization and injects team spirit in the working style. I am very impressed by the way; the work has been arranged in the office. Everybody is assigned a specific task in order to avoid any kind of repetition of the work which eventually leads to efficient output.

Best things

Since it was second internship under same office, I was feeling confidant. the best thing of this internship is, you do not have to travel through metro to go to any court. You can go to court with sir, in his car.

Second thing, although there was no stipend, but I feel there is no need of stipend. Sir gives you money for food and you can have whatever you want to have.

Coffee and tea is served twice in a day. But you can have as many as times you want. There is no restriction on you and you can go outside anytime you want but make sure that you are done with your work which was assigned you.

Bad things

No work on someday is the only bad part of this internship.


No stipend.

Biggest Lessons

Biggest lesson which I learnt during my internship is, “hard work is key to success”.

Legal profession demands hard work.

Reading is the important part of legal profession.

You need to read cases regularly and that need a lot of effort.

Any Other Thing


Overall Rating



I stayed in a PG nearby. the name of the PG is Bhati PG. The rooms available were not that good.

Office Timings

The office timing were not so strict. usually the office timing is from 9 Am to 8 PM. you can go after 9 if you have some urgent work.

Going to office at 9 AM is beneficial as you can go to courts with sir. Sir leaves for court at 9 and you can go to courts with sir.

Late-coming will not be appreciated.


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  1. I hereby express my heartfelt gratitude on behalf of all the readers who’d come across this exceptionally well written internship experience. This is the best example of an acutely vivid and precisely articulated description of the various experiences you had during your internship.

    This allows an aspiring intern to foresee and analyze how to go about the internship and what to expect from it with unprecedented ease. Also, I seek to appreciate your impeccable dedication to perfection and the effort you’ve put in because in this world of pseudo ‘busyness’ where experiences aren’t fully expressed in the garb of brevity and time-shortage, you chose to stand out and furnish for the fraternity a full fledged version of each and every aspect of the said internship.

    You are an inspiration-cum-lesson-giver for all those who’d be posting experiences and all those who’d be reading them

    Blesseth the one whom you intern with and blesseth the one on your advice who interns.

    Thank you for the time, consideration and this act of generosity !
    Cheers !
    Jai Hind!


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