Internship Experience @ Deepak Chauhan & Associates, Jaipur: Got to witness high-profile cases

Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Dhananjay Sharma, University Five Year Law College, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, 2nd Year

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Deepak Chauhan & Associates, Jaipur

Application Process with contact details

I got this internship on the recommendation of my father since he is an advocate too. Although one can apply for the internship here by sending a CV along with the cover letter to [email protected]

Duration of internship and timings

June 7, 2016 – July 2, 2016; Timings 10:00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

When I reached the office on the very first day, I had an introduction with Deepak Sir who asked me few questions about me, my college and my studies. He, then called the other interns also (there were 4 others) in the chamber and assigned the work to all of us.

We were asked to research (case laws) on a customs matter so we went to the outside chamber where I had an introduction with the other interns and the associates working there.

Main tasks

Deepak Chauhan Sir is one of the finest Criminal lawyers in Jaipur. So, it helped me a lot to learn the very nuances of criminal law and its practice in this internship.

I got a chance to witness the proceedings of some of the most highlighted cases of Jaipur such as BMW hit and run case, Hotel BELLACASA case, etc.

We were supposed to find out the case laws, draft different petitions and applications (bails, etc.) and witness the court proceedings which really helped us to learn a lot about the criminal law.

Work environment and people

The working environment of the office was amazing. The senior associates used to guide us, teach us and were like our mentors and the junior associates made us feel like their friends. They all were very supporting and caring and thus, in total it was a confidence booster environment.

Best things

For me on this internship criminal law was fun. The way you read a file, how to cross examine, how to argue, how to handle the policeman and how to treat the clients, all these kinds of practical knowledge I learnt from here. Thus, I was enjoying working here under the patronage of Deepak Sir and the other associates.

Bad things

There were no bad things that ever happened to me on this internship.
Given a chance in future I would like to intern here again.


No Stipend

Biggest Lessons

The biggest lesson that I learnt from this internship is that risk is a compulsory stoppage in the journey of success and one who crosses this with courage and confidence, then he achieves what he desires.

Overall Rating   9


I have my residence in Jaipur, but for outsiders, accommodation is easily available at reasonable rates in Jaipur.


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