Internship @ Deccan Global Law Firm, Hyderabad: Lessons in hard work, humility and honesty


The summer break was all that I was waiting for after an extremely stressful semester that lasted for a period four months. It felt like a cold shower pouring down after a frightfully hot day. There was nothing on my mind except some good food and sound sleep.

After a blissful 20 days, I realized that being a law student there was much more to be done in a summer break. Moreover, it was part of the curriculum of the institution where I pursue my BBA-LLB to take up Summer Internship for a period of 4 weeks at the end of every Academical year.


The hunt for my internship began on the 28th of April and unfortunately the Andhra Pradesh High Court vacations were to commence from the 29th of April.

I had contacted about 20 law firms in Hyderabad, whose numbers I succeeded in obtaining through vivid sources such as references from seniors, friends and a few contacts from the Yellow Pages.

But I was not successful at clinching an internship as most of the law firms were not working in full-fledged manner during the court vacations.

After repeated efforts, by the 5th of May, I succeeded. I had a conversation over the phone with the head of the firm, advocate Ravi Babu. I was asked to join the firm from the 12th of May.


I was filled with mixed emotions. Joy, anxiety and enthusiasm topped the list of my emotions. I was asked to report at the office by 9:30 a.m. I entered the office with overflowing excitement.

The moment I entered the office, I caught a glimpse of the All India Reporters, law journals and various other books of law decked up on the three sides of the wall.

After a span of 10 minutes, sir arrived and I was called to his chamber. He interacted with me in a very friendly manner. He inquired about the subjects that I have completed and my area of interest.

After a long conversation, I was told that I could go home and officially join from the next day.


I had to attend office every day in a week except on Sundays. The working hours would stretch from 9:30 in the morning to 6:30 or 7:00 in the evening. My work was limited to office and there was no visit to the courts.

I was asked to maintain a record of the day to day activities. Every day I would report at the office at 9:30 a.m. As soon as I reach the office, sir would call me to his chamber and allot the work for the day.

The work would include certain drafting, finding case laws and case analysis, writing of arguments for a particular case that sir was dealing at that point of time. The appreciation for producing quality work was a true motivator.

Sir would have a quality discussion about the cases and its progresses. It helped me in acquiring sound knowledge about the procedural aspects too.

At certain occasions I had an opportunity to sit and observe the interaction of sir with his certain elite clients. This process opened an opportunity for me to gain an understanding of the art of conducting oneself when interacting with the clients.


1. Be a learner. Have the inquisitiveness to learn something new every day.

2. Never say a NO to some extra work allotted

3. Be ready to take some home works

4. No dress code, but the intern is expected to dress in a dignified manner

5. Punctuality is something that is highly appreciated


1. Deeper subject knowledge

2. Insights into practical aspect of law

3. After the period of 6 weeks of internship, I would say the biggest achievement is that, I have access to sir’s office at any given point of time for any guidance.

4. Working under sir has taught me that knowledge and skills play a major role in the legal profession, but hard work, humility and honesty plays a bigger role.


I commuted by way of auto during the period of my internship. The firm is very accessible as it is situated in the heart of the city. There are many buses available in the route too.

The firm is located in a place where innumerable food joints and other facilities are available. This actually freed me from the slight monotony of work.


The firm is not a huge firm with hundreds of employees. But if you are looking for some quality work and learning, then i would say, this is the right place.

The internship at this firm is a blend of learning, exposure and experience.

Ajgal Ravi Babu
Deccan Global Law Firm, Hyderabad
Ph: +91-9966009463



No stipend. At the end of this internship, the knowledge earned is something that cannot be measured in monetary terms.

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