Internship @ Copyright Integrity International, Bangalore

Name: Shashank Atreya, School Of Law, Christ University, 1st year

Internship Place: Copyright Integrity International Bangalore. (Yes, I am the exception to the rule of interning at an NGO in the first year, and it made sense in every way)

About the firm: It was small office with 4 lawyers and about 15 other employees who assist the lawyers in finding the various websites to whom notices are to be sent.

CII is one of the many companies owned by Nandan Kamath ex NLSIU, Oxford, Harvard. It’s not the typical law firm and one would rarely deal with law during the internship period, but drafting legal notices of various kinds is your primary role as an Intern here.

How did you apply for the internship?  I applied for the internship individually a month in advance. Any Internship queries must be addressed to

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Duration of the Internship: 5 days a week, 10am to 7pm (+or- one hour). Total duration of Internship was 4 weeks.

Accommodation: Since I am based out of Bangalore accommodation was taken care. But those coming from other places could find decent PG’s or Guesthouses around Shivajinagar and Frazer Town. The office is located in an totally anti vegan area, finding decent Vegetarian food could be a trouble, but in case you are Carnivore you are in for a treat.

First impression about the Internship: The first day ended to be one of the longest days of the Internship. After being introduced to the kind of work I would be doing, I was told to start off with work and the pile of work increased every hour.

I was assigned to handle drafting notices for websites broadcasting cricket illegitimately, my co-intern was assigned to handle the Serials (CID from Sony, etc.) aspect of it.

What were the main tasks given to you? The primary tasks given to me were the following:

1) Drafting Notices
2) Escalations ( Calling the hosts of various websites and asking them to take down the illegitimate sites, in this process you would interact with the various legal advisors across continents and the joy you get when the website is taken down is priceless)
3) Research on the revenue generated by the illegitimate websites and hence calculating the loss incurred by the client.

How were the work environment and the people? This is the best part of the Internship, the office atmosphere is amazing and this truly inspires you stay late and work. In this period I met one of best colleague’s and bosses and their way of work, makes you want to aspire to their levels.

What are the best things you liked about the internship? This was my first internship and looking the kind of internships done by my friends; this is the best among the lot. The highlight of the Internship was the people in the office and jokes that were cracked during work that truly makes up for long days at office.

And the worst? They could have been easy on the work for a first year, well I shouldn’t complain the work I did was highly enjoyable.

What all did you do to chill? Commercial Street, Cunnigham Road the stars of Bangalore’s chilling out places are in close proximity to the office, but for me the people in the office at the office were enough the chill with.

Stipend: Rs 2500

Disclaimer: Internship experiences are opinions shared by individual law students and tend to be personal and subjective in nature. The internship experiences shared on Lawctopus are NOT Lawctopus official views on the internship.

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