Internship @ Copyright Integrity International, Bangalore: Weekly Meetings with Mentors, Not-so-Legal Work, Rs.2500 Stipend

Name. College. Year of study. Email ID

Sonakshi Das.

School of Law, KIIT Univesity.

3rd Year [Currently; interned while awaiting 4th Sem results]

Name of the organisation. City. Office Address. How was the office? Team strength.

Copyright Integrity International, Bangalore.

The office occupies the whole of the ground floor at the ‘Al Latheef’ Building, situated about 75 footsteps [just two lanes across] from the baffling main bus-station at Shivaji-Nagar [one of those places brimming with people day and night. You’re almost lost there the first time, sans company or not!

To be more precise: 79/C, 1st Cross, R. Reddy Layout, Nandidurga Road, Benson Town.

You could well be awed the instant you land on the reception [or well, atleast I was] for boy, it had the swanky feel to it, this one; none of those la-di-da’s, atleast.

The receptionist handles the daily register [both for the interns as well as the staff] and one is supposed to enter the routine in-and-out agendas in there [By the way, it is almost orchestrated in a way that it allows interns to bluff the entries once in a while, with the precise time of entry or exit, I mean; but never no proxy suffices. Sadly]

CII is a two-circuit organization, basically. One part spanning of lawyers, about five of them, exclusive of Mr. Ranjith Rangarajan, the Chief Operating officer and Mr. Nandan Kamath, founder/CEO of CII. The other part, inclusive of interns, was solely devoted to the ‘grundnorm’ of CII, you may say. Details descanted below.

Duration of internship

Three weeks. 01.06.2013 – 21.06.2013.

Application procedure? Internship Contact Details

The normal procedure is to write an application, in advance ofcourse, to No follow-up is essential.

They revert as and when it is imperative to reach out for interns. Summer is a peak time for internship, as is obvious, and they have applications flocking in their database.

They take interns in separate batches and each batch has about 7-8 interns at a time [some even have 4-5]. During my tenure, our intern-batch comprised of 8 interns.

Simultaneously, there was another batch of interns whose tenure concluded during our first week. So, as it is there is no hard and fast rule to accommodate interns in terms of time-span; they choose, allot and address accordingly.


Duration in weeks. Days of work per week. Timings.

Three weeks. As much as I’ve known, they prefer applications for four weeks. I had myself got through for a period of four weeks; however, for decent and irrefutable reasons, they wouldn’t deny you for a week short.

Working hours entail 5 days per week. They just might, I repeat- might, only in exceptional and situations calling for paramount importance, call you for work on a weekend. And bless their soul, for just about an hour or two. ^Sigh! Like during my second week, our client from the ‘Cricket Team’ had urged for report disposition in a day’s time.

And on account of paucity of both time and staff, three and three interns were required to assist the ‘Cricket Team’ on either Saturday/Sunday, suited to the intern’s availability and conveyance. And like I said, our work stretched to a maximum of two hours. ^Bless them again.

And for the weekdays, it is mandatory [Wait, now did the interns not carve an exception to this? Any nexus as to why I mentioned it is easier for interns to bluff at the reception? :P] to stay at the office for an 8 hour shift.

You could choose your own shift; 8-4, 9-5, 10-6, so on and so forth. But practically, once your work is done, you may take permission from your mentor, as well as from the associate in the legal department, and call your day off.

First impression, first day, formalities

Like I said, the first impression might just sway you off, for the office is way too well-furnished. One peculiarity, the entire organization is marked by its striking color contrast of blue and white; much like a physical verbatim of its own logo, it seems.

On the first day, the interns are made to attend a short brief/introductory-meeting headed by the legal heads at CII.

They  introduce you to the dissections [Legal and Technical Departments] and then allot you to various teams as per the requirements of the specified team. It is also to be mentioned that the team was quite inclined towards interns presenting themselves in formals each day.

We were informed that in the last week of our internship, each one of us, either individually or in a group of two/three, were to give a presentation on any topic that we were working on, or on any contemporary copyright issue that has been the talk of the hour.

It was right during the induction that we were divided into groups and were asked to attend to each of our respective mentors. Interns were also privileged to swap shifts or teams, if the original arrangement meted out any sort of an issue.

However, that being the first day, we basically complied with all of the propositions laid down in-front of us, delightfully [From CII point of view – Perks of being a first-day intern!]

Further, betwixt the Technical Department, there were three teams in toto; the ‘You-Tube Team‘ [basically dealing with detection of copyright infringement of videos on Youtube and subsequent excision of the same], the ‘GEC [General Entertainment Channels] Team‘ [which is involved in an array of online copyright infringement matters of clients like Sony, Colors, etc.] and the ‘Cricket Team’, which is further dissected into ‘Cricket Live‘ and ‘Cricket Archive‘.

Frankly, it is to my knowledge that the team was involved into a certain something related to violations and infringement of copyright in the cricket circle, however, being a part of the GEC Team, I sorely failed to understand the intricacies involved in the Cricket Team.

Main tasks

Main tasks in each of the three teams was primarily involved in online copyright detection. However, interns under the GEC Team were also involved in drafting legal notices to the hosting websites whose content was found to be in violation of CII’s clients’ copyright.

You see, an intern’s main task at CII would revolve around either an A or a B or a C; the A being swirling your head round and round for hours, taking down videos on You-Tube [that’s right, only if you hail from the You-Tube Team], the ‘B’ being, drafting legal notices to hosting web providers, collecting evidence by way of screenshots, attaching it to the legal notice, and forwarding it to the concerned legal department, where it is scrutinized thoroughly and the notice is finally sent.

You could literally throw treats [Okay, kidding] when the infringing provider actually follows up the necessary tasks directed at him and takes down the content, and all of this- for the legal notice that you must have drafted! And also, all of this, if you belong to the GEC Team. Thankfully, I was one.

And then comes the C. C for Cricket. C for Confusion, too. I was made to work with the Cricket Team on a Saturday for once, like I’ve lready mentioned.

However happy I was in the successful completion of my task, but the fact never changes that it was all so boring [No offense meant!] But you see, in my defense, the work was entirely new from my work with the GEC Team. And just in an hour, coping and producing something productive, was safely a bit stout.

Overall, Cricket’s a very happy team though. My friend working with the ‘Cricket Archive’ was the pioneer in nailing her work each day.
And boy, spare those days when there’s a Live match scheduled.

The office is a humdrum of busy affairs for the whole time the match is on roll! You could expect constant SMS’s going beep and beep and beep [which rages you to the hilt at times] from atleast 20-30 cellphones. Yes, through those SMS’s some task they do, the ‘Cricket Live’ Team.

All in all, not much of the Legal-Beagle work you do. However, since the very first day the mentors would constantly advice you to be in touch with the Legal Department so as to get your own scoop of the legal-cake from them. One of the best parts was the weekly meetings they organized.

Every Tuesday/Wednesday, the Legal heads schedule a meeting where all the associates and staffs require mandatory presence, along with the interns of the GEC Team.

Prospective tasks are discussed, retrospective achievements are given a worthy note, interns are made to speak up on any issue that’s blocking their work, if any, and finally, the mentors elaborate more on the targets, escalations and related concerns for the respective week.

CII aims at accomplishing tasks on short notices. By short notices I do not intend to imply fragmentary works, rather, targets scheduled to be achieved in a week’s time. And happily, each time they meet success in doing so. And interns do contribute to a voluminous extent, if I may say.

Work environment, people

A bunch of youthful, adept and affable people is what you will find at CII. Each person out there is approachable at any hour of the day. You may even irk them at the busiest schedule of their hour, but all you find is their readiness in answering your query, with fortitude of a hermit! No kidding.

The workplace is centrally air-conditioned, to save you from humidity. But then you see, Bangalore itself saves you from the heat and all that jazz. Each intern gets to have his/her own desktop, however, at peak hours [like the Cricket Live sessions] the place gets jammed and a flock of people from the Cricket Team tend to occupy your cubicles.

As such, its always advisable to carry your own laptop to save yourself from the Statelessness you feel at such hours.

The best things AND the bad things

Sadly, the best part in my experience was something totally out of the legal paraphernalia. But then, I’ve been waiting so long to come to this part of my experience, where I could heartily and with utmost complacency mention that, surprisingly, the best thing about an internship at CII is the brilliant, brilliant, brilliant COFFEE.

Seriously, no kidding. For two things; first, the coffee was nothing like what you expect from a Costa Coffee or a Starbuck, but amidst the monotony of work and constant hours of gluing to the desktop, it was like enjoying a sip in Elysian lawns.

Secondly, coffee was our pretext of taking short breaks in between shifts. Twice a day, the coffee-man used to greet us with his presence. And twice a day we blessed his soul.

If I may not term anything as ‘bad’ as such, however, one thing that might get on your nerves is the monotony. You draft, and draft and
draft. The same notices to different hosting web-providers. You take screenshots, you take and you go on taking till hundreds of them stand complete. Truly, a lot of monotony in there.


2500/3 weeks. However, the interns prior to our batch were paid a sum of Rs. 3700. So, we deduced that the stipend might depend upon the number of interns in one batch [that batch had about four]/the work load/ the duration [They interned in May. Not much difference with June, but still]. Maybe.

Or maybe they decide on the payment on day-basis. Or maybe, it is simply their discretion. Whichever be the case, remuneration to interns vary at CII. Point.

Accommodation etc. What did you to do chill in and around the office and the place of stay?

Apart from the best and the bad things, accommodation was pretty much a sad thing. If not for anything else, but for the travel. I was put up in a flat at Marthahali, along with my friends. Now that place was about an hour and half away from CII [considering you travel by bus; which you would in any case, if you stay that far.

Auto charges would give you a cardiac arrest, if you prefer that, by the way!] So each day we had to set out like 90 minutes before the scheduled time, and boy, did we just not feel fatigued to death. About our residence, however, it was a boon in disguise.

4 times meal a day [out of which we used to pack our lunch to the office!] with all well-furnished accommodation, wi-fi, and the required necessities. More on which I guess the “P[I]G” would elaborate 😀

The office on the other hand is situated in an entirely Muslim domain, with 380 mosques around and 423 restaurant/hotels which offer you nothing but Seekh Kababs and Korma and the likes. For vegans, its a spoiler. For the rest, its pretty much adjustable. Juice parlors you find in abundance. Coconut-water too!

Fortunately/unfortunately, we used to get food from our apartment and thus, couldn’t exactly try out avenues. However, it is of worthy mention that you DO get a LOT many places to experiment and hover around. Places of happy budgeting and also, places that might burn a hole in your wallet!

A short ride from Shivaji Nagar bus-station by a bus/an auto [this time, it will charge less!] and you land at places like Cunningham Road, Commercial Street, M.G.Road, etc. where you get to roam around and shop your heart out and just do whatever you wish to.

Happening places they are. Then there’s Cubbon Park too; quite a place that is, this park. So yes, point being, you get to enjoy Bangalore through and through if it would be your first trip to this city.

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