Internship Experience @ Consumers India, New Delhi: No stipend, but lots to learn and gain from such inspirational people working around you

Name of the organization. City
Consumers India, New Delhi

Duration of the internship
1st June 2013-15th July 2013 (7 weeks)

How big was the office? Team strength?
It was her home where we used to meet and discuss out report and research with our mentors. It is located in Vasant Vihar. Since I am Delhi based, I had no accommodation issues. But because most of the work has to be done online, accommodation is not of a great concern.

The Consumers India Team comprises of around 5-6 people including Jayashree Maam and 4-5 other mentors who are doctors, lawyers, or people who are closely following Consumer Issues or working with Consumers India.

Application procedure. Internship contact details
I applied by sending in my CV at, where she will first send you a form and then, might contact you if you are selected. Till now two batches have interned this year itself, one from 15th April, and the other from 1st June.

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Duration in weeks. No. of days/week. Timings:-
Meeting with co-workers and Mentors was fixed by Maam. Usually the meeting would last for 2 hours. It is by and large dependent on the quantum of work you have. Timings were relaxed, however they were particular about work and the reports.

Accommodation: how, where, how was it?
I am based in Delhi, so I didn’t have much problem with the accommodation, but you can find PGs’ nearby.

First impression. First day, formalities etc.-
I was a bit nervous on the first day, but Maam was so warm and friendly that I forgot all my nervousness and started participating in the discussion and interacting with my co-interns. Formalities, if any are informed to us by Jayashree Maam through regular mails.

Main tasks (in detail)-
We had a group task and were asked to prepare a report on the Medical Negligence issues in India focussing on the case analysis part.

This project not just improved writing but also improved my research skills. I had to find a lot of cases, and research a lot about Medical Negligence as a concept in COPRA, IPC and Tortious liability.

This is what makes interning at Consumers India a very desirable opportunity for first year law student. It was more about shaping the skills you have been taught theoretically and practising it on a regular basis. We had to mail them a part of the report every time we finished a substantial or crucial portion of the same.

Regular coordination with co interns was very important. Since I was the group leader, I had to coordinate with my group as well as the mentor, and Jayashree Maam.

Also, there was a lot of freedom given to the group to decide what they want to work on and how will they proceed. Since my mentor was a Law Graduate himself, he could guide me in the best possible manner and I learnt a lot from him. Jayashre e Maam is a retired IAS officer.

Consumers India is thus a conglomeration of various other retired IAS officers who have worked closely with NCRDC.

Work environment, people
Everyone was very friendly. My mentor Tiwari Sir and Jayashree Maam, both were esay going and amiable. However, at the same time, they were vigilant about what we are doing and if we are performing the tasks assigned to us.

Best things?
The homely environment of Consumers India! Whenever you go there, it seems just like home, what can be better than that! In every meeting we saw a table nicely arranged with a lot of stuff to eat. It was a chill out session for us!

Maam gave the group freedom but at the same time was particular about her work. So if at all we digressed from the track, we were brought back with a jolt sometimes!

Bad things?
As such nothing was bad, except that some of my co interns were working elsewhere and took NGO internship lightly. Working with them posed a great difficulty for me. I was answerable for everything that went wrong.

Stipend/ month-
No stipend, but lots to learn and gain from such inspirational people working around you.

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