Internship Opportunity: Climate Counsellor @ Green Revolution [Fight Against Climate Change]: Applications Invited

About the Organization

ICCE presents to you an opportunity to be an intern for a United Nations, NASA and World Bank Institute supported program.

Do you want to play a role in safeguarding the environment and also get PAID for it? Then be a part of the Green (R)evolution.

ICCE presents “GREEN REVOLUTION Action Against Climate Change”, a cause supported by UNITED NATIONS Framework Convention for Climate Change, NASA, World Bank and Government of India.

It is an International level short term certification program.

Green Revolution is an Initiative to Educate, Inspire and Act on Mitigation & Adaptation methods of Climate Change.

About the Program

As part of the program, a Climate Counsellor is to promote the program in his/her college or school and register participants; in case of schools, participants can be taken from classes VIII-XII.

The students will get a 100 page A 5 size book and a multimedia CD which they have to go through. After this, the group has to give an Online or Offline exam for which they will be graded either A+, A or B.

As one of the many initiatives we are undertaking to prevent more damage from effects of Climate Change, we are organizing a drive to plant thousands of seeds in our fight against green cover depletion.

As part of the group activity, the participants need to promote seed pencils at a discounted rate of Rs.25/- per pencil. Amount collected from this activity is used for sponsorship of Group Activities by ICCE Participants.

There is a special contest for buyers of the pencils, which includes posting of Selfie Pictures with the Sprout coming out of the seed. Contest details will be sent directly to the person’s email address.

Following this, they will be awarded Green (R)evolution Global Program Certificates, Medallions etc. If at least 25 students from your college take part in the program, the college will be certified from ICCE.

Achievement of the target of registering 25 participants will fetch the Climate Counsellor

1. An internship letter

2. Climate Counsellor certificate

3. Free course: an additional participant certificate.

4. Rs. 100 Rebate per participant.

Cost of taking this program per student is Rs. 750 of which Rs 100 is a rebate which will go to the Climate Counsellor.

An advanced online Program on Global Warming is available exclusively for those who have been participants in the earlier phases of Green (R)evolution.

The fee for the Advanced Online Program is Rs. 650 of which Rs 100 is a rebate which will go to the Climate Counsellor.

The Climate Counsellor can have a group of all new participants, all Advanced Program participants or a combination of both.

Deadline to get participants

You need to get all the participants by 15th March, 2017.

Exam Dates

The exam has to be taken in April and May, 2017.

The Climate Counsellor will select a week, i.e. a 7 day window according to the convenience of the participants and they will give the exam in that week.

Application Form

Click HERE.

*Note: ICCE is committed to preserving and spreading the invaluable knowledge and understanding of life which is embedded in our various cultures. We hope you join us in our cause in the fight against Climate Change.​​

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