Internship Experience @ Choudhary Law Associates, Bhopal: Stipend of Rs. 2000, Learning the art of observing court proceedings

Name of the Student, year of study, college

Ashima Pandey,  5th year,  Bharti Vidyapeeth’s  New Law College, Pune

Name of the Organisation, Location, Team strength

Choudhary Law Associates,

E2 Arera Colony, Bhopal,

Team strength is of 5-6 Associates

Application Process

Send your CV at

You can make a call, but only for follow-ups. Sending the CV is a must.

If you are a localite then you can go personally to the office with a hard copy of your CV and ask for internship.

Duration of internship and timings

The minimum required period for internship is 28 days. I interned in the office for 8 weeks, from 2nd November, 2015 to 9th January, 2016.

Court timings are from morning 10:00 to 4:00 and office timings are from evening 6:00 to 9:00.

First Impression, First Day Formalities, Infrastructure

On the first day, to be honest, I did not feel the place to be very friendly. All the Associates seemed to be very restricted in their interaction with interns.

However, soon after my arrival I was called by Advocate Vijay Choudhary, pioneer of the place, for a quick conversation on the office schedule. From there we had to head to the court.

As soon as I reached the court, I understood that there is incessant amount of work for everyone and that explained the aforementioned restriction.

The Office of Advocate Vijay Choudhary is very systematic and the staff is almost orchestrated. There are large no. of journals. All you can see in the office is files and journals instead of walls and windows.

Main Task

To observe the court proceedings. You might feel that you are not being observed and you can go wool-gathering but actually you are being observed and you can be questioned on any point in a very unhoped and unanticipated way and time.

Apart from going to the Court, interns are required to go to the office in the evenings. There work is assigned as per the issues at hand by Advocate Vivek Choudhary, the subsequent pioneer.

It may involve research work, drafting or a quick write-up on any matter.

Best Thing

You don’t get treated like an intern but like a part of the office.

Bad Thing

The admonishing.

Work Environment and people

All the associates turned out to be very amiable, as opposed to my first day impression.

You will be however rebuked for things not done the way they should have been done. Both Advocate Vijay Choudhary and Vivek Choudhary demand things to be done very meticulously. Also, they make sure that you learn a lot during your time here.

Big Lessons

Litigation is a pursuit of practical ends and not a game of chess.


2.000/- per month (also depends on performance)


I am from Bhopal so didn’t need to find an accommodation but there are plenty of hostels both for boys and girls nearby, since the office and the Court are located near M.P. Nagar area. The good ones being Daughter’s nest and Sankalp.

Places to Eat

There are canteens in Court that serve decent snack. Otherwise there is DB mall nearby and I guess hundreds of joints, right from Lorries to fine dine.

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