Internship @ Child Rights and You CRY, Bangalore: I enrolled one child into a govt. school and that is the best thing in my life!

Name of Organisation, Location, Team Strength

Child Rights and You (CRY), Bangalore City, 10-15 employees.

Application Process

1. Candidate have to send the CV to [email protected] along with the application which contains basic information, a brief statement of purpose for the internship, internship questionnaire and any child right issue within 500 words. (All these will be in same document, except CV)

2. If he/she is shortlisted, have to attend telephonic interview where they will ask about the basic information and the purpose.

If he/she has successfully done the interview and passed, they can join the office as an intern which will be informed by the CRY only.

Duration of internship and timings

I have gone through 4 weeks of internship but they prefers for 6 weeks.

Candidate have to work for 7 hours daily in office for 5 days and in weekends there will be field works where the volunteers will accompany the interns.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

First day was good. I was given the work from first day itself. There were no such formalities and I was introduced to all the employees on first day. So it was good.

Infrastructure is good. There are 3 floors including the ground one and there is enough space.

Main tasks

Field work-

I was dealing with social works. I had to visit 4 slum areas (they are called as Public Action Groups) and I had to conduct the enrollment survey over there.

That helped me to understand the lifestyle of the people who are living in slum areas. I had re initiated the drop-out survey in 2 Public Action Groups. I was working for Click Rights Photo exhibition.

Office Work-

I had to maintain the data which I have got in the PAG Areas ant record that in the excel sheets.

Work environment and people

Work environment at CRY Bangalore is good. Employees are very friendly with the interns and they are free to solve any problems of the interns.

They care for the interns. There are so many volunteers and they are just awesome! They helps to enjoy our work.

Best things

There are so many best things and I will mention few.

First best thing for me is working in slum areas. I had never been to slum in my life before and CRY helped me to visit those areas. I understood their problems, I saw their lifestyle and I got many information regarding slum areas. I am thankful to CRY for that!

It contributed to enhance my communication skill. It helped me to improve my soft skills like word document, excel sheets and etc. The best thing CRY helps one can get in to social problems and try to overcome those problems.

Bad things

There are no bad things as such.

But sometimes volunteers can not accompany the interns and at that time interns only have to visit the PAG areas.


No Stipend but CRY will reimburse the travel expenses occurred by PAG areas.

Biggest Lessons

Biggest lesson is though I knew that there were so many problems in our country, I could see them by visiting slum areas.

I understood the situation of slum areas and I could get an idea to control the problems over there.

I understood the status of children there and why they are not going to school. I enrolled one child inoto Government school and that is the best thing in my life!

Any Other Thing

I enjoyed a lot through out my internship, I got good friends over there, I visited lot of places.

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