Internship Experience @ Chaturvedi & Associates, Mumbai: Stipend of Rs. 5500, Got to Interact with Clients # PICK OF THE WEEK

Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Urvi, KC Law College, Mumbai, 3rd year, 3 years course

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Chaturvedi & Associates, Mumbai, 3

Application Process with contact details

I came to know about the opportunity through a notification posted on the college notice board, thereafter I emailed them my cover letter and CV.

I got a swift response asking me to schedule an interview, I was interviewed by Mr. Chaturvedi himself, he asked me various questions about my academic background, previous work experiences and areas of interest.

All those wishing to apply can email their CV to and can follow it up by calling the office.

Duration of internship and timings

June – August, 2016

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

On the first day I was shown around the office, introduced to everyone and given a desk.

There were no major formalities or such, I was shown where all the briefs were kept and how they were arranged and all the court websites I needed to familiarize myself with.

The office was nice, it had a small kitchenette and a bathroom. Sir had his own cabin and the rest of us shared the outer area where there were desks for us.

Main tasks

I did a variety of things in the office, I got to learn a lot. I did a tonne of research on the cases we were working on.

Sir would give me a brief and ask me to read it which could take anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours depending on the size, then I would be asked to research defenses we could take up and look up the legalities and present him with my findings and arguments which he would then take the time to discuss with me.

I would be asked questions about the facts of the case and the defenses taken up by the opposition.

Instances where I would find case laws I would file and organize them by subjects. I got to interact with the clients and sit in on meetings.

Various other tasks were given to me like following up with clients, comparing and proofreading documents, making compilations and sorting and organizing the paperwork given by new clients. I also got to accompany sir to meetings with different counsels.

As the firm did mostly litigation there were regular visits to various courts and a lot of action.

I got to observe the functioning of the courts and its proceedings, witness arguments and cross-examinations, etc.

I also got to know the departmental proceedings that are part and parcel of litigation.

Work environment and people

Everybody in the office was very friendly and helpful, if I ever had any queries or doubts they were always answered and if I was not sure about something or didn’t know something then I could just ask Sir.

Even if I made any error I was patiently corrected. We would have tea/coffee in the evening after returning from court have discussions on various topics, overall the experience was good.

Best things

I got to go to court almost everyday, learn the process of drafting, interact with the clients and so much more.

I got hands on experience and got to learn the many intricacies involved in litigation.

I could pick up and read any brief I wanted, so I could always be in tune with all the cases that were coming up, this greatly helped in understanding the case and to know at what stage of the proceedings we were at.

The office was located in a prime area so there were many places nearby to go to and get something to eat or to just relax after work.

Bad things

There were no bad things.


Rs. 5500/-

Biggest Lessons

There is no shortcut when it comes to practicing law, one has to be prepared to read volumes of documents and sometimes researching for hours on end.

You have to learn to accept disappointment too, as sometimes you can spend hours on end looking for case laws, arguments and defenses and not even spent two minutes in front of a judge or not be heard at all.

Patience is also something we have to cultivate as cases can sometimes go on for years so you have to learn to play the long game and strategize accordingly.

Any Other Thing

If given the choice opt to do longer term internships as they will teach you more and you will get better familiarizes with a subjects.

Also given the chance try to do a litigation internship as there is nothing like the hands on experience you get when you go to court and are in the middle of piles of paperwork to be sorted and gone through.

Overall Rating



I live in Mumbai so accommodation was not an issue for me but there are various hostels and PG’s available nearby.

The office being at Nariman Point connectivity is very good with buses and share taxis easily available. Both Churchgate station and CST are also very close.

Office Timings

The usual timings were 10 am to 7.30 pm but sometimes we worked until 8 or 8.30 if required. If for any reason one had to leave early or come in late then that was not a problem as long as Sir was informed.

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