Internship Experience @ Chambers of Senior Advocvate Indu Malhotra, New Delhi: Drafted Review Petitions, Research Work

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Chambers of Senior Advocvate Indu Malhotra, New Delhi

Application Process with contact details

I dropped in a mail at [email protected] in the month of January for an internship which I sought in the month of May. I got a confirmation by mid-March

Duration of internship and timings

May 2016

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The interns were supposed to report to the office which is within her bungalow on the first day.

The infrastructure of the office is wonderful, with access to all online resources and an amazing library of books being available.

A pantry is available too within the office.

Main tasks

1. Research on various matters and assisting associates

2. Assisting Ma’am on her book on Arbitration

3. Assisting Ma’am on her compilation of various Supreme Court judgments.

4. Drafting a review petition

Work environment and people

Amazing environment with helpful associates.

The amount of interaction which one would have with Indu Ma’am would perhaps be unparalleled compared to any other Senior Advocate.

A very diluted hierarchical structure within the office.

Best things

Almost everything. The amount of work, the experience of interacting with one of the doyennes of the field, there is nothing one could complain about.

Also, Ma’am took us for dinner on my last dinner, so yay!

Bad things



None, but the experience itself is completely worth it.

Biggest Lessons

Perhaps the most useful internship I had in my short law career. The experience is something I continue to cherish.

Any Other Thing

Keep it as anonymous as possible.

Overall Rating



Stayed in a PG.

Office Timings

We were expected to reach office by 10. On days when we had to report to the Supreme Court, we would be expected to reach there directly by 9.30.

Saturdays are working too!


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