Internship Experience @ Chambers of Senior Advocate V Shekhar, Delhi [Supreme Court]: Lots to Learn, Good Work Environment

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Chambers of Senior Advocate V Shekhar, Supreme Court, Delhi

Application Process

You can send the mail on the email id [email protected]

Duration of internship and timings

13th July to 13th August, 2015

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

My first day I went to Supreme Court n was given brief about the cause list. The associates were really kind and very helpful.

Main tasks

The study of various cases. Filing of the cases. Research work on the cases. We visited various courts except the Supreme Court. Learnt a lot about the way of working. After court we use to go to his office at green park where we were gives cases to prepare brief n research on them. The case files were provided.

Work environment and people

The associates are really very helpful. Their is friendly environment and in case of any query you can approach the associates. Even we had small interaction sessions with sir and all associates on the important legal topics.

Best things

The working environment is really very good. Among all the I internships I have do one till date this is the one in which I learnt a lot about who to deal with cases and everything.

Bad things




Biggest Lessons

How to present yourself in court and what is most important to a lawyer.


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