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Internship Experience @ Senior Advocate Arvind Datar, Chennai: Stipend of Rs. 10,000

By: User Submitted | December 7, 2016
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Chambers of Senior Advocate Arvind P Datar, Anna Nagar, Chennai

Duration of internship and timings

15th December, 2015 – 31st December, 2015

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

Amazing atmosphere. His juniors were very warm and welcoming. Had to fill my details in a journal maintained for interns by the office.

Main tasks

Visited the Income Tax Appellant Tribunal for three days and watched Mr. Datar, argue a case for Kalaignar TV.

I was also given the task of researching for a new book on E-Commerce which I have duly submitted.

I had the opportunity to do a small part in helping with the Constitution book which is due to be out in a few months. (Researching case laws, looking for errors in the foot notes)

I also visited the High Court of Madras on one occasion. I could witness the proceedings of two cases (Nokia/Kalaignar TV) and the manner in which the court worked.

Work environment and people

It was amazing.

Best things

It has taught me that in order to survive in this field, hard work is very necessary and also that time is of the essence. Utter and absolute commitment is required.

Bad things



Rs. 10,000

Biggest Lessons

This internship has helped me in realizing the skills I lack. Skills, that are very important to sustain in the legal field. One such skill is time management. I could observe how efficiently the office worked and how everything was meticulously plan.

Any Other Thing


Overall Rating



Traveled from home.

Office Timings

9:00 am – 6:00 pm

It was pretty relaxed.


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