Internship Experience @ Chambers of Meera Bhatia, Delhi High Court: Get a first-hand experience of everything

Intern Details

Name: Ankita Panikkar

College: M.S. Ramaiah College of Law, Bengaluru

Year: 3rd year, 5th Semester

Duration of the Internship

13th July, 2015 – 4th August, 2015

If you wish to be a lawyer, attach no consequence to the place you are in or the person you are with. That will make a lawyer of you quicker than any other way”

Internship Under a Lawyer

Since, my first internship was in an NGO, I had no clue how it is to intern under a Lawyer. But being the curious one, I was greedy to learn anything and everything. I have always been inspired by Advocates.

I personally feel that they have a different persona all together.

Being a Mooter, I wanted to observe the court proceedings so that I could improve upon my mooting skills and TRUST ME, it surely helps.

By using those advocacy tactics, you will see a different side of you as a Mooter.

Sweet Advice

The one Mistake that I made and I would suggest you all not to do it, is

By sending your application to all the Advocates at one go, please do not do that.’

Be selective and choose wisely.  Keep a particular area of practice that interests you, in your mind and then go for it.

Application Procedure

To get the internship in you desired month, one needs to apply at least 3-4 months back. I sent my CV with a Cover Letter in the month of March and after I sent it, I made sure that.

I called ma’am after every week to find out about my progress and also as a reminder.

Email id:

Address: 402, Lawyer’s Chamber, Delhi High Court, New Delhi – 110003

I finally got a reply and I was told to join from 13th July onwards.

Getting to Work

Delhi is my Hometown, so I don’t worry about the too and fro travelling.

Where ever you are in Delhi, all you need to do is, catch the METRO and get down at PRAGATI – MAIDAN Station.  In every metro station a map is provided.

First Day at Work

I met Meera ma’am, she seemed to be good. She had a very strong and a bold personality, her husky voice was a cherry on the cake, not many ladies have that.

I was introduced to the other two interns; they were already half way through their internship.

My first and foremost task was to get the internship pass made for a month. It’s very important to get it made, with that pass you can move about in and around the court, without being stopped by the policemen.

Please carry a passport size photograph for the pass. It may take about a day or two, but, till the time you do not have your monthly pass, you need to get a daily pass made, which is really hectic.

Make sure you are there by 8:30 am, you can avoid the queue.

Daily Routine

Sharp at 9:00 a.m. I had to reach her chamber. Since she had handed over the keys to me I didn’t have to wait for somebody to open the Door. She would call on the office landline to keep a check, whether I reached on time or not.

My first job was to check the list of cases on an everyday basis. I kept track of all the cases for which she needed to be present during the month of July and I also kept a track of all her mediations. She has a daily diary in which I had to feed in all the information.

If Meera ma’am had a case on a particular date, I had to make sure that she knew about it and I had to hand over the case file, so that she could go through it once.

I had to note down the court room number, the advocates that would be present in the opposition and also the names of the judges.  The same goes for mediations.

Apart from this, I reminded her of all the important meetings, with any of the judges or any advocate.

Every time I left the room I had to lock it, even if it was for 5 minutes.


Meera ma’am is the Senior Counsel for Union of India, so one can expect a proper doze of work and you won’t even have the time to sit and relax.

She takes up matters from almost every field, be it-Family, Criminal, Divorce etc. But while I was interning under her, she was dealing with cases related to PIL. She fought for general cause as well.

The one thing that I noticed about her was that, she dealt with cases that seemed interesting and somehow challenged her.

In the course of my internship I learnt a lot.

I learnt filing as compared to drafting is very easy. Once you have drafted your case, all you need to do is to get it checked by the people who are appointed for this in the checking counter and they will write down the defaults, if there are any and once you correct it, it is done, then you will get the date.

I learnt how mediation is conducted. Meera ma’am taught me all about mediations, what is mediation, why is it done, how is it done etc. etc.

Apart from all this, the few other things that I learnt:  How to maintain good relations with other advocates.

Socializing or Interacting with other fellow interns or seniors is very important.

I attended 6 to 7 Court Proceedings daily. Almost all of them were related to PILs.

The way Meera ma’am was delivering her arguments was a scene to watch. She was simply amazing.

I was lucky enough to observe other eminent advocates argue in the same court as well.

My Learnings

In spite of the difficulties I faced, I did learn a few things and I will always remember it.

Being Patient – When you are working under somebody who is impatient, you need to be a better person. Since I was an intern, I had to keep my calm. I am aggressive by nature, but working under Meera ma’am taught me that I could also be tolerant towards people.

Fight for yourself – When there is so much of competition and everybody wants to be the best, you cannot afford to lose any opportunity that comes across. You need to be strong headed and should have the courage and will power to stand alone against many.

Bonding – It’s not always about making friends. It’s about the bond that you share with your colleagues or co-interns.

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  1. DO NOT APPLY AT THE CHAMBERS OF MEERA BHATIA without first reading all the reviews available AND their comments. The reviews are highly misleading. The chamber must have been a good place to work at before, but the scene is completely different now.


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