Internship Experience @ Chambers of Advocate Vikram Pooserla, Hyderabad: Great Exposure to Arbitration and Litigation Matters

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Krittika Chavaly

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Chambers of Advocate Vikram Pooserla, Hyderabad

Application Process

I applied directly by sending an email and the dates of my internship.

Duration of internship and timings

4 weeks: November-December 2014.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

I met with Mr Vikram on my first day and he assigned me a fair bit of work, after a lengthy chat about my background. So specific first-day formalities, so to speak.

I was given my own table/workspace and computer, along with resource materials and asked to finish certain specific tasks.

Main tasks

Work essentially involved sifting through case files, researching a specific point of law in order to answer a question of law. For instance, the conditions required to be fulfilled to revoke a banking guarantee.

On other days, I would accompany Mr Vikram to court and watch the case files I’d read through being argued.
I was even allowed to draft a couple of affidavits.

Work was a good mix of research and watching the research pay off – whether it be in Court or in the form of affidavits.

The best part of the day was at the end, when Mr Vikram reviewed the work done during the course of the day, which culminated in productive and insightful discussions on the law. As a mentor, he took an active interest in our work and ensured that he dedicated a portion of the day to work with the interns, individually.

Work environment and people

The office is fairly small, with a team of six people when I had interned (though the number has increased now).
Often, I got a fair bit of help from the associates with my work who painstakingly explained legal jargon (especially in case files) and showed me around Court.

I spent most of my days researching, drafting and compiling materials which took up a lot of my time.

Best things

1. The entire team makes it a point to eat together, which helps foster a sense of informality, discussion and great lunch time conversations. Sometimes, some of the associates end up ordering from outside, which turns into a full-fledged feast.

2. Court visits were one of the highlights of the internship, with the associates and my mentor offering a lot of insight.

3. Discussions with Mr. Vikram at the end of every work day were productive and motivating in terms of the fact that they invited engagement with real-time litigation and arbitration matters, apart from addressing basic questions of law which are often left outside the ambit of a regular classroom.

4. The team, including Mr. Vikram and his associates make sure the interns are involved and comfortable – be it in terms of food, or the general environment.

Bad things

There was nothing I specifically disliked about the internship.

However, sometimes the hours can get a little long, though this was not something I minded.



Biggest Lessons

The internship gives you great insight into the working of a lawyer’s office. The regular stream of clients, court visits, deadlines and brainstorming are all facets you are exposed to, Mr Vikram even lets you sit in on client discussions in certain cases.

There’s great exposure to both arbitration and litigation matters as well.


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