Internship @ Chambers of Advocate Ramesh Mundra, Manasa: I told myself to practice in session courts of such rural areas once I graduate

Name, College, Year of Study

Paridhi Agar, Government Law College, Mumbai, First Year of  B.L.S. LL.B.

Name of Organisation. City

Session Court Advocate-Mr. Ramesh Mundra, Manasa

Duration of Internship. Timings

17 Dec. 2013-16 Jan. 2014. Timings were 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Five days of week were working and there was off on Saturday and Sunday.

How big was the Office? Team strength?

It’s a small town which has only one court  i.e. session court. The lawyers there generally don’t have big offices. Lawyers have their desks in a big corridor and a big ground in the court premises. His office was also a big wooden table with some benches and chairs to sit.

He has one more office at his home where he used to do research and meet clients. It was a posh big hall with good furniture and a corner occupied completely with books related to various laws. It was a team of total 6 people including him, 2 assistant lawyers and 3 interns.

Application Procedure. Internship Contact Details

It was not much difficult to find his contact. I got his email ID and contact no. through my parents. After sending my CV I got a call for interview from his assistant lawyer.

I was very happy on getting call for interview but was a little nervous on other hand because it was my first interview for internship. It was a mixed feeling. I prepared for interview and on the next day went to his office.

It was a general talk with him and other students who also applied for internship. I talked confidently and clearly with him. And then after two days he selected 3 students out of the group for internship. Fortunately I was one of them.

Accomodation. How. Where. How was it?

The place is a little far from my hometown. So I stayed at my relatives home and went to my home at weekends. It was fun at my relatives home. My uncle and aunt were very caring and my cousins were very supporting towards me.

I was very happy as it was a productive internship with a fully enjoyed vacation at  relatives home which I often miss after my high schools.

First Impression. First Day. Formalities etc.

I got a very awkward first impression of court and office there. As I saw well maintained courts in Mumbai so the pathetic condition of court there put me in a very indifferent situation. But I was a little satisfied on meeting my co-interns and Mundra sir.

My first day was good there. As I am a first year student I was not knowing so much about court’s procedure and law. So I felt uncomfortable and quite confused there. He didn’t ask for so many formalities. We were just asked to enroll ourselves in a register with our name, college name and reporting time.

Then he took all of us round the court rooms, court premises and introduced us to other lawyers and the judge. I was very excited to meet so many lawyers and different kind of people. Overall it was a nice day with an introduction of court.

Main Tasks

Generally I was not asked to do difficult or lengthy work because of my first internship. Mostly I attended court hearings with sir. I did research for some cases related to family law because I am interested in family law. He was very supportive and guided me at every point where I was in need. I also worked as a typewriter there.

The most interesting part was to see sir while handling clients. I felt that work as the most challenging because most of the clients were from rural area and illiterate. So it was very tough to understand them and to make them understand about legal procedures. Sometimes it was quite funny when those people talk in their regional language and I don’t understand.

I was also asked to do clerk type work many times like to do photo copies and to manage the diary of daily hearings of sir. I felt bad doing this all many times but sometimes I enjoyed because while going for photocopies I used to take extra time and used Facebook and Whatsapp at that time.

Work Environment, People

Overall the work environment was very nice. My co-interns were also from prestigious colleges and scholars so I was in a very competitive and intellectual company. Mundra sir is very intelligent and hard working person so it was a time when I was dedicated to my work totally.

The other lawyers and interns were also very intelligent and supportive.

But the clients were horrible for me because I was not able to deal with their language and most them were very untidy people in dirty clothes.

Best things.

The best thing which I felt was that by interning in a big law firm or with a big lawyer of high court or supreme court in a big city I would have got very good knowledge and exposure. But I think that I would not be able to understand the procedures of court or many minute things in such big law firms.

I learnt many interesting and knowledgeable things there. The best was that I came to know about the pathetic condition of courts in backward areas and also about the mindset of illiterate people there which was not possible to understand in Mumbai.

Bad Things.

Every coin has two aspects. If one is good the other is bad. There were a few things which I didn’t like. Firstly the clerk type work which I was asked to do was not justified.

And the lack of facilities for sitting in court rooms, at lawyer’s offices, lack of availability of parking and drinking water facilities was also a bad aspect.

What did you do to chill?

Our sir was very nice and friendly person. Whenever we had break we used to have snakes which were made by sir’s wife and do chit chats. One of the intern was a very good singer. So we used to listen our favorite songs in his sweet voice. It was the best  way to chill after a long work.


I didn’t get any stipend in form of cash.

But on the last day sir took all of us for a picnic at his farm house and we had lunch over there. It was the best and memorable day of my internship as we enjoyed on top by playing various games, having an amazing swimming competition among us and talking on many interesting topic.

Biggest Lesson

The lesson which I learnt there was that every successful lawyer wants to practice in big courts and we are just providing all facilities and spending money on renovation of bigger courts only.

But the real need is to renovate and improve the conditions of those courts which are in backward areas.

People of rural area are still not enough educated and they are lacking good judiciary facilities. So it’s the duty of  every lawyer and budding lawyer to fight for their interest.

And I decided that in my future life I will practice in session courts of such rural area along with big law firms.

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