Internship Experience @ Chambers of Advocate PV Sarvanaraja, New Delhi: Visits to Supreme Court, Surreal Experience

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Chambers of Advocate PV Sarvanaraja, Office at Shashi Garden, Mayur Vihar Phase -I, New Delhi. He has one associate under him, Advocate Vinay Rajput.

Application Process

Got an internship through personal contacts, though one can apply for internship by contacting on his number.

Duration of internship and timings

14th July, 2015 – 1st August, 2015

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The first day impression was pretty good. First up, sir gave me a case file to read after which I had to explain the case to him in brief. I also had a chance to witness client counselling.

It was a medium-sized room having a library and a wi-fi connection

Main tasks

The main tasks included studying case laws and making briefs on them.

Work environment and people

The work environment was amazing. Sir was very friendly with all the interns and was very helpful. He encouraged us to clear even the most pettiest of doubts

Best things

Learned how to make briefings of cases and improved my researching skills. Also got a chance to visit prevention of money laundering appellate tribunal, which was a very unique experience.

Since sir used to practice at the supreme Court, I had a chance to visit the Supreme Court frequently which was an amazing experience.

Also the canteen of the Indian Law Institute (opposite the supreme Court) had some delicious food!

Bad things

There was nothing bad in particular, although it is to be mentioned here that Sir is very strict about punctuality.

Also, one might feel overburdened by the amount of workload given


No stipend. But sir paid for everything except the travelling fare.

Biggest Lesson

The biggest lesson I learned is that honesty and dedication to your work can help you reach heights. Sir was the perfect example of that principle.

Any Other Thing

During the course of my internship, I got a chance to witness a hearing of the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case.The courtroom was nothing close to what we see in movies. Advocates, experienced and novice, were jotting down notes after observing the arguments. There was a big bunch of interns.

The highlight was Mr Ram Jethmalani. Observing him teaches you how to argue ferociously, but also keep the mood light and not to get into a heated exchange with the jury. He was surrounded by around 6-7 advocates. There were files all around. 5 member jury. Lots and lots of files. All over the room. The courtroom was huge. The dome magnificent. The atmosphere quite relaxed for the apex court of the biggest democracy of the world.

Witnessing it all was a surely surreal experience.

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