Internship Experience @ Chambers of Advocate Pujya Kumar Singh, New Delhi: Court Visits, Lots to Learn

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Sakshi Mishra

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Chambers of Advocate Pujya Kumar Singh, New Delhi

Application Process

I worked there under a senior advocate, frankly speaking I applied there through the reference of my relative. But the application was completely formal. I applied with a recommendation letter given by my university to which he accepted.

Duration of internship and timings

1st July, 2015 – 21st July, 2015

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

Since the court is in Delhi, I reached there a day before my internship started, I went to that chamber it was quite attractive; in fact it was damn attractive with all the law books kept in an arranged pattern, with a official chair and proper desk. I filled the form with all my basic details, and finally headed back to my PG.

Main tasks

I went there with the main task to learn. As we knew nothing about legal and court proceedings before we reached there, our main task was to gain the knowledge about how the court actually looks. Is it like andha kanoon sort of thing or something else.

Work environment and people

Honestly speaking the environment which I faced in the court, was completely pathetic, I mean everyday I used to meet with such dreadful criminals, so ultimately it will be pathetic. Obviously no one will like to greet such criminals everyday, but then the people and the associates of my lawyer made me comfortable to be there.

Best things

Not exactly the best thing but the best things were the different court trips we used to make every alternate day whether it be Rohini court or it be Dwarka court, or be it Karkakrdoma court or be it Patiala House.

I mean we didn’t not go there for our picnics definitely but for our official works but that visit used to be the best part.

Bad things

The worst thing was our timings. we used to hate it in those sweatful summers. It was very painful to travel such a long distance and again return to the chamber the same day.



Biggest Lessons

My biggest lesson which I learnt there was to be wise, not to trust people and specially be attentive to deal with your problems.

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