Internship Experience @ Chambers of Advocate Akshaya B Manjunath, Bangalore: Overall Development, Lots to Learn

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Chantal Sharma, CMR Law School, Bangalore, 3rd Year

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Chambers of Advocate Akshaya B Manjunath, Bangalore

Application Process

I sought the internship through a contact. Nevertheless he is exceptionally alacritous in facilitating wishful students.

He confirmed my internship through an email, giving me details about my working timings and also extending his office address and contact details.

Duration of internship and timings

6th June, 2016 – 1st July, 2016 ; 18th July, 2016- 23rd July, 2016

My semester exams began the following week and therefore I requested him if I could come back and intern, after my exams. Being the accommodating person that he is, he allowed me to do so.

I was expected to be in office by 9:15 so that I could read up on the case files that were listed for the day and I could usually leave by 5:30.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

Since I was unfamiliar with Gandhinagar (where the office is located), he guided me to the office. His office is situated in an old building that is completely occupied by law chambers of various other lawyers. The office per say is not extravagant but extremely comfortable and cozy, with well lit surroundings and enjoyable seating arrangements.

The work environment is far from formal but abundant with respect. It is also well stacked with various commentaries, Journals, SCC Digests and AIRs. He was gracious and friendly and gave me pointers on how to make the most of my internship, through keen observation and resourcefulness.

Main tasks

I would accompany him, his partner or his associate, to various Courts daily. He made sure that I had exposure to all the Courts and tribunals located in the City. During Court proceedings I was expected to observe him as well as other advocates in their submissions and arguments. I would make notes on procedures and trials and could always go back and ask him any queries, liberally.

My tasks would mainly be research oriented. Either based on what I had observed in Court or on his cases. He would lay out a structured plan on how to deal with a research topic and would always be present to clear any doubts. I would read bare acts and refer to various commentaries and online websites.

Work environment and people

The atmosphere was very cordial and friendly at all times. Advocate Akshaya is nothing short of an encyclopedia, with sharp answers to any and every doubt.

Apart from which he shares a genuinely, great sense of humor and would always make a conversation fun and interactive. His partner and associate too entertained me a lot.

Best things

It has eased researching into a familiar capability. I learned, gained a little practice and some wonderful friends in the form of a co-intern as well as a senior mentor. Advocate Akshaya would always be thoughtful and high-spirited, making it easier to interact and discarding fences of reluctance and lack of confidence.

He would encourage questions and never mock me for the absurd ones.

The experience was an overall developmental one.

Bad things

Sometimes Court would get boring due to the long waiting period.


No Stipend.

Nonetheless, Sir was extremely generous and presented me with a voucher to a book store which was a thoughtful gift to a law student with a constant need to buy books.

Biggest Lessons

Litigation is only a matter of patience and immense hard work. It takes courage and strength and also a lot of persistence. Law is a dynamic field where learning occurs on a daily basis, in some form or another.

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