Manisha Chauhan,

Lloyd Law College,

Greater Noida, 5th year (2012-2017) Batch


Advocate Anupam Tripathi, Former Senior Standing Counsel, Income Tax Department, Delhi High Court, Ministry of finance, Govt. of India.

Firm name: THE PRACTICE, New Delhi.



1stAugust, 2016- 31stAugust, 2016


I got the internship through a recommendation of a friend but you can mail your CVs to


It’s on the 5th floor of an apartment. It is located in a residential area. One full 3BHK flat is converted in an office having 2 chambers, 1 client lounge area, 1 conference room, 1 Associate area and 1 pantry.

2 Associate, 2 interns and 1 clerk works for him along with a number of consultants at any given time.


I got through a friend’s recommendation. This isn’t typical internship where the interns are made to do clerical work. If you are interning under Anupam Sir, you are in for some serious law-learning-business. All kind of responsibilities were given in order to provide us with the maximum experience that we could gasp. Learning through Anupam Sir is actually a privilege; his method of teaching is entirely different.

He provides us the best possible guide that is required to build up our knowledge. Sir spends a lot of time from his very busy schedule to guide us and motivate us to do our best. He is an awesome mentor who guides us like a father would do to his child, a teacher to his students and like a friend who cares for you and wants you to excel in each and every part of the work. We never felt hesitated to clear any sort of queries from him.

He always has all the answers to our queries. To do internship under him you need to be a very hardworking and an active learner. If you are okay with above mentioned conditions then all you have to do is to send your CV to

That’s the only procedure for applying. For any further details relating to the work of sir, one can visit his official website.


I interned for 1 month. If you want to intern for longer than you might talk to him as it would depend on his schedule and whether or not he can accommodate you for that long.

I was a full time intern, I worked from 9:30 am to 7:00 pm (this is an exception only for girls taking in regard to their safety), whereas normal timings are from 9:30 am- 8:00 pm.

You’ll be expected to work 5 days a week. Saturdays might be on but that depends on how much work there is in the office and its mostly half days or so on Sundays.


I live in Noida and the office was fairly close so accommodation was not a problem for me.

You can take an auto/bus/metro whatever mode you prefer to reach the court and to the office. The route to the office is very easy and accommodation expenses are pocket friendly too.


The first day when I went to the office he took a very short introduction of mine & tried to make me comfortable to the all new environment. Assigned me the works as a task, these initial tasks are bit easy and a boost up for you to get active on the very first day itself.

He made me sit and explained me all sort of work that I’ll be doing in this internship. He encouraged me to the level best and handed over me the task and on the completion of the tasks he praises me and encourages me to do even better. He is actually an amazing teacher that anyone could get in this profession.

He is the managing partner of his firm ‘THE PRACTICE’ and deals with income tax, divorce law, contract law, consumer law & a criminal lawyer, the work would involve everything from Cr.P.C, negotiable instruments, IPC, evidence, contracts, consumer act, divorce cases and Animal Rights cases, PIL’s etc.

It’s a great opportunity for people who are interested in learning various types of laws all in one place. 


The main task was to do drafting work, visit courts along with sir, to do research on various subjects, assist associates in various works provided to them.


The work environment and the people are amazing, be it Boss or the associates. Everyone is super friendly. You don’t have to think twice before approaching Boss or the associates for any query or to help you with something.

The office environment is actually very good, everyone knows everybody and since all the associates are young, the feel of the entire office is very energetic, friendly and helpful. The working environment of the office is very good, everybody in office are very friendly and helpful. No as such pressure was felt while working under sir.

The associates are, for the lack of a more professional word, chilled.  After a long day of work and running around courts everyone decides what to order to eat, from where and that’s when everyone finds time for a little gossip and relaxing.

As far as Boss is concerned, he is an amazing person to work under with because he makes sure that you understand everything and try to use your maximum potential. He is an active animal lover; he is also running an Ngo for dogs in order to protect them from the cruelty of the dog’s hater’s society.

He is good not only in litigation side but is also a social activist who cannot tolerate any wrong happening in the society and actively took participation if not eliminating it then  surely minimizing that wrong. He has filed a no. of PIL’s in Supreme Court to prevent injustice to animals that these voiceless creatures are facing in different parts of the society.

He takes all the issues related to animals very seriously and makes all possible efforts to tackle them up in legal way and indeed also gets success in the end. He is a gem of a person by heart who has feelings not only for the fellow beings but also for the voiceless creatures who cannot raise voice themselves against the injustice.

You can go to him at anytime, call him up if he isn’t in the office to clear your doubts and trust me, he won’t get irritated even if you go to him with the tiniest query or if you tell him to explain you a certain concept again.


The best things range from the people there to the quality of work. Never was I ever made to be feel like an intern, for everyone it was like I was one of them, and not a 5th year student. Whatever be my opinions, queries or whatever, they were heard and were welcomed.

And you could actively participate in the discussions going on between the associates related to some case without getting a weird look.

Everyone in the office will make you feel comfortable and help you deliver top notch level of your work. If you are good, Boss might even entrust you with drafting and major extensive research.


I didn’t found anything bad things here as everything here far better from my expectations. It’s just that I had a little timings issue initially but afterwards became used to it and started managing everything smoothly.


Though it was my first internship, but still without keeping that in his mind he gave me a negotiable stipend which is fairly enough being a student. The stipend is Rs. 4500/-.


Doing internship in practice is altogether a very different experience, be it the work environment or staff relations with each other everything is much better than what we expect in internships.

Doing work here, one doesn’t feel pressurized, working environment is very light here, and everyone enjoy doing their part of the work here. It’s completely an honor and privilege to work here, what we exposure we get here, I bet we cannot get such experience in any other firm except THE PRATICE having the tagline” SUE YOU SOON”.

This is the best internship experience in my opinion.

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