Internship @ Chambers of Additional Solicitor General Maninder Singh, New Delhi: Preparing Case Briefs, Research Work, Rs. 5000 Stipend

Name of the Organisation

Chambers of Additional Solicitor General of India, Advocate Maninder Singh at New Delhi.

Located at

Office at Jangpura, New Delhi and Chamber at the Supreme Court of India.

Application Process

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One can mail the CV with a cover letter to Mr.Jagdish at

One can also deliver the CV in person at the Jangpura office (F-11, JANGPURA EXTENSION NEW DELHI – 110014).


July 15-August 15, 2014. 5 Weeks. Monday-Saturday. Timings are from 9.30 AM (where you report directly at the Apex Court) till 8 PM.There were rarely times where any intern was asked to stay back late.

First Day/ First Impression

Singh & Singh Associates and Mr. Maninder Singh (hereinafter referred to as ‘Sir’) share the same office. The area between the two offices is occupied by interns. Thus, interns from both offices can interact with each other after court hours.

On my first day, I was called at 8 AM as I could not directly go to the Supreme Court without a pass. My first interaction was with a Partner at Singh and Singh Associates who explained to me that Sir, Mrs. Pratibha Singh and the firm worked independent of each other and he then glanced through my CV and took me to Sirs cabin.

Sir is very friendly and makes one feel comfortable instantly. He discussed my CV at length for half an hour and asked about my area of interest. He then took me to Court in his car and asked his PA to have my pass made so I could report directly at the Court.

The first day was a Miscellaneous Day and interns are not allowed to enter Court that day. So, I spent the rest of the day reading files of upcoming matters and meeting with two of my co-interns.

Main Tasks and Work Environment

Most of the day is spent at the Supreme Court listening to Sir argue. There were many interesting matters going on in Court Room 1 and we excused ourselves now and then to hear them.

Sir, expects interns to read the files and brief him about the same. The brief is taken very seriously and he asks questions left, right and center. He even asked about the Annexures and Page Numbers that were being referred too and in case of the incorrect use of any legal terminology, he would be quick to point them out.

In my case, as I had expressed my interest in tax and he had a lot taxation matters, he asked me to prepare case notes tracing the judgments from the AO till the High Court.

At times he directly gave me research work in the Court which I was expected to do once I was back at the Jangpura Office and I was given access to all the books and online database such as SCC and Manupatra.

Sir was very particular about not wasting paper and would allow print outs after confirming that the judgement was useful.

Many of the judgments found by me were used by him to substantiate his arguments in CAT and the High Court. This was the high point of my internship and it is an experience which one can’t get in firms. Seeing the Judge appreciate these judgments made me feel really proud and happy that my work was not wasted.

Sir, also took feedback from us on what we learnt in the Court and what our key observations were. The best quality about Sir is that he is an extremely humble man. He duly acknowledged my research and appreciated the same before his briefing councils.

Sir is a jolly person and he keeps the atmosphere light with his jokes. However, he is also a hard task master and takes his work really seriously. He is quick to reprimand his interns when the need arises. Briefing him is not an easy task and if one is not well prepared, he should avoid it.


Rs. 5000 per month.

Best Things

I was always appreciated for my good work and I looked forward to briefing sir as the discussions always gave me new insight to approaching the same problem. I learnt the techniques of arguing before a judge and how it differs from one court to another. Most importantly, always stay humble – a quality I saw in Sir who I saw would treat his juniors with the same amount of respect as his peers.

Worst Things

Files for the next day came late at times specially as the ASGs were recently appointed and had appeared in many matters as previously, the files had to be sent back.

Also, interns are not allowed in the Court on miscellaneous days (Monday and Friday) and these days could be really boring if the files did not arrive in the morning.

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