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Internship Experience @ CG House, Corporate-Legal Team, Mumbai: Rated 10/10, Learnt About the Corporate Life

By: User Submitted | December 18, 2016
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CG House, Corporate-Legal Team, Worli, Mumbai, Single intern

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Submitted CV to the Corporate Legal Team

Duration of internship and timings

18th May, 2016 – 17th June, 2016

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

There were first day formalities per se. I reached early on the first day and had to wait for the Corporate Legal team to arrive. After they arrived, I was shown my desk and PC. I was introduced to everyone in the team and everybody welcomed me. I was given a PC and access to a manupatra account for research.

Main tasks

Initially I was given certain topics to research and submit article on it which was followed by some interactive correspondence through mail on the topic. After a couple of days, I was given my first case,which was a consumer matter, to study, research, prepare defense and was asked to prepare the draft.

After I submitted the draft, it was appreciated and my mistakes and shortcomings were pointed out to me. Soon I received my next case which was a land dispute. The defense I prepared was well appreciated by everyone. After case studies, towards the end of my internship,

I learnt and handled the compliance department under the guidance of the head of Compliance department. My last assignment was studying certain new statutes and amendments and prepare reports for the purpose of marking the compliance required.

Work environment and people

All my seniors were very co-operative and professional at the same time. Work culture and environment was really great.

Best things

The seniors were very nice.

Work culture great.

Great place to learn new things.

Seniors point out mistakes and helped me develop and I learnt something mew everyday.

Bad things

Nothing bad about the office. The office was really far from my residence and travelling was a little hectic.


No stipend.

Biggest Lessons

I watched and learnt how the corporate life is. Got first hand experience of practical application of law. Learnt drafting.

Overall Rating



Stayed up at relatives place.

Office Timings

9 am – 5 pm


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