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Internship Experience @ Centre for Development Studies and Activity, Pune: Research and Brainstorming Work, Efficient Work Division, Friendly Work Environment



Organization, City – Centre for Development Studies and Activity, Pune.

See http://www.cdsaindia.org/

Duration – 4 weeks

The office.Team strength – I think the infrastructure is the best thing about the whole centre. First of all, the office is located on the outskirts of the city which out-rightly counts out the usual noise and pollution that accompanies a place in the middle of the city.

Also, the office is situated in the centre of a cluster of trees and you can see only greenery as far as the eye goes, with the exception of some ongoing construction work nearby. The architecture is so well that none of the offices need to be lighted with electricity as long as the sun is up. The whole place exudes a very modest and earthy feel.

Coming to the work of the organization, it is not only an office but also an institute which takes in students from all over the world who are interested in development studies.

The main work of the organization consists of various social development and planning projects, involving a lot of research and surveys, which focus on different agencies, institutions, groups and individuals of the society, which are handed over to it by the Government or foreign organizations or are its own initiatives.

The work team consists of only 8 members, with each of them focusing on a different project. Thus, there is very clear demarcation of work among the employees.

Application procedure. Internship contact details – I was placed there as an intern through my institute but if a person desires to apply personally then the contact details given on the official website are sufficient. A CV and a letter of intent are enough to apply with.

Timing – I worked there for 4 weeks in the month of December. The office timings are flexible,especially for an intern. The office work comes into full swing by 10 o’ clock and ends by 6 in the evening. However, people often arrive earlier than 10 in the morning.

Accommodation – The office itself is on the outskirts but the paying guest system is quiet prevalent in the whole city and especially in the area Kothrud which is the nearest to the Centre.

However, no matter which PG you take going and coming back does become a little tricky as there is no direct transportation, you will just have to change your means of transport at least twice in each direction.

The PGs are okay to live in for a month, but food can be a problem for people who are not habituated to oily food. However, the office provides its interns with free breakfast and lunch, which are very healthy and good to eat.

Main tasks – As a law student you should not expect a lot of legal work because the nature of work undertaken here is totally different and legal activities are completely ancillary. However, I was lucky enough to get the chance to dabble a little in such an activity.

However, I would recommend that if you are looking for some really substantive work, and that too in the legal field, then you better convey your intention before joining and confirm that you would be delegated work of such nature.

The person whose authority I was working had decided to begin a new project, which needed a lot of researching and brainstorming. So, the initial days of my internship consisted of making up a database of the institutes and organizations which would be likely to collaborate in the project.

Then, there came the brainstorming part as to how the other stakeholders would be approached, how the project would be launched and how it would be structured and managed. ‘

The legal part was the drawing up of the document that the Centre will have to enter into with the other stakeholders, which involved thinking up of distribution of liabilities and duties among the parties, framing of the essential clauses etc.

In between all this you maybe sometimes asked to help in organising a presentation or seminar or submit a write-up bout some project.

However, I would recommend that if you are looking for some really substantive work, and that too in the legal field, then you better convey your intention before joining and confirm that you would be delegated work of such nature.

Work environment, people – As I said the work is very efficiently divided among the employees, thus, in terms of work it is very organised and everyone answers to the same boss, who personally keeps an eye on all the projects.

Apart from this the atmosphere is very relaxed and the people are friendly and welcoming, though language may sometimes become a problem for non-Marathi speaking people.

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