Internship Experience @ Centre for Child and Law, NLSIU, Banglore: One of the best place I have interned in

Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Utsav Saxena, Tamil Nadu National Law School, 3rd year

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Centre for Child and Law, NLSIU, Banglore

Application Process with contact details

1. Send in your CV and cover letter at

2. Mention the area in which you want to work. For eg. Right to education, juvenile justice etc.

3. Send a 300-500 word write up.

4. If your write up gets selected then confirm the date or period of internship.

Duration of internship and timings

December 2015 – January 2016

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

CCL is located within the campus of NLSIU. Infrastructure and the crowd is really good there and it is the best law college in India for obvious reasons.

First day I had to submit the conformation mail and I joined the same day. I was introduced to the staff and other interns.

My team head and coordinator explained me the kind of work I had to do and rules of the centre.

Main tasks

As it is a research centre the main task is to research on various topics/fields. Each day the interns are given new topic to research on and at the end of the day the interns have to submit their work and daily report.

Work environment and people

This is one of the best place I have interned in.

The coordinator and Centre heads are really friendly and helpful.

There is no such ‘work pressure’ or any ‘deadline’. People there believe in good research rather than following deadlines.

The coordinators help interns in every way possible.

Best things

This internship helped me in learning how actual research is done. In my internship I researched for the new education policy, thereby studying education policy of various countries, various laws, how to make research report etc.

Bad things

There are very few ‘bad things’ about CCL. Since it was a research Centre we had to sit in the library for the whole day and work from there which was sometimes both good and bad for the interns.



Biggest Lessons

One of the biggest lesson which will help me through out the life is how to research specifically on given subjects or topics. Another lesson that I learnt is how to patiently sit in the library for hours and work which will help me to survive the law school.

Any Other Thing


Overall Rating



I was given accommodation in the men’s hostel in NLSIU.

Office Timings

Office timings were from 10 AM to 5 pm. The timings are not strict and you can get exemption with the permission or your co-coordinator.

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