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Internship @ Central Chronicle Newspaper, Raipur, Chattisgarh : Good Work Environ, No Stipend

By: Abhimanyu | October 15, 2013

Name ,college

Issa Sharma, National Law University and Judicial Academy, Assam

Name of the Organization

Central Chronicles Newspaper


4 weeks Office Timings 11 a.m-6p.m (but the timings varied)

Application Procedure

I applied through reference. Email CV to the editor at [email protected]

First Day impression

My first day was super , the editor introduced me to the whole team. I was very naive as it was my first experience but all the team member very warm and they welcomed me as I was not an intern but part of the team.

The editor also introduced me to my reporting boss Ms. Sneha Annu.

She is a very pleasant, a bit strict but a very motivating person.

She pushed all through my internship to write good article .

Main Task and work Environment

I was asked to read a lot of articles in initial days then I was assigned some topic on which I was asked to do research ( also field research like interviews ,etc) and write on that topic. Then it was reviewed by my reporting boss.

If she liked it , it was further sent to editor.

The work environment is great.

I felt I was part of the central Chronicle newspaper. Everyone were very warm especially the editor.

He always motivated me and we discussed about my work that gave my first hand experience about article writing.

Best Thing

I wrote many articles for the newspaper, along with that I interacted with lawyers (since I was a Law student they asked me to write mostly on legal issues).

These interactions helped me to learn a lot.

Except these I also reported one event , that was a totally novel experience.

Bad thing

Nothing as such


No Stipend

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