Internship at CCL-NLSIU (Centre For Child and The Law); Rated 10/10, No Stipend, Top Notch Work on Child Issues


Internship Experience at CCL-NLSIU (Center For Child and The Law)

Name of the intern: Kavita Kumar, ILS pune

Process of application: I applied for the internship mainly because my father is a professor and DD of  CSSE (research centre) in NLS and he told me about Center for Child and the Law (CCL) which does a lot of productive work regarding the various legislations concerned with “children” but I personally did send them a formal letter seeking permission to intern at CCL.

I got an e-mail from them stating the acceptance of my letter, further I had to send my resume  and other details of activities that I had done prior to my internship in my college.

I contacted Mrs. Neetu Sharma who is the center co-ordinator and the e-mail id specified was

Duration/timings: 6 weeks, 6 days a week, 9:30 to 5:30 ( depends if you are given extra work you can stay till 6:30)

First impression: My first impression was “A LOT OF WORK” since i was yet to study the various legislations in my course I was a bit nervous but during my interview with my head (Mrs Arlene ma’am) everything went off very well.

She did ask me a  few legal riddles and I was given reading material prior to my internship which I read very religiously and I was given a quick introduction about the team and the kind of  work they perform. Also I was allotted a team to work with.

Accommodation: I got my accomodation in PG near by (km) from the campus near Maruthi nagar. It is a place full of inexpensive and comfortable PGs.

The walk in the morning was rather refreshing before starting the work.

Main tasks: I worked under Under Arlene ma’am so she heads the Juvenile justice team so I was given research work, preparing data entries and case reading, drafting, provisions involved, report making, article writing related to the current  area of work, many field visits 2 to 3 visits in a week to the JJB board, CWCs,  KSCPCR office, observation homes, DWCD office, Nimhans, Crisis intervention centre etc and had to submit my observations after visiting each place also to compare whether the working of the law complies with the method mentioned in the specific act.

I could give my suggestions and opinions on each aspect of the law, its working etc.

Then we had regular meetings held where in wherein the rural team also participates and we have new agendas proposed for the next week. I had to do extensive reading about the laws in different countries and having a comparison drawn between the Indian laws and other foreign laws.

We had  a small library in the center which had good books  that we could refer to.

Work environment: The work environment was good because CCL-NLSIU is a multi-disciplinary team and has  a different approach towards how they work.

They think as social work, as a legal advisor and force to me think the same and broaden my limit of understanding the law with in a better way and induced me to think and question the law.

The people are warm and welcoming, have never seen a team work like this before , dedicated and  committed to champion for the cause of child rights. Every person is excellent in his or her on field.

center for child and the law internship, nlsiu bangalore

Good things: The best things about the internship is definitely to be a apart of NLSIU and research both the things I love.

I made new friends and met such wonderful people we had guests coming to our centre from various countries so got a chance to meet them, certain seminars were held during my course of the internship I could attend those, the place is wonderful, it is a beautiful city having good weather and I loved the food and my work.

Food/accommodation etc: I would rate the accommodation 7/10 , it was comfortable and i made good friends as well.

Food options i did not explore much but near Nagarbhavi ( where NLS is located) there few small places to eat good South Indian Udipi, Sambhar and Wadas and piping hot Dosas ( deepashri fast food) and King fish for non-veg , atihti mess and yes the Desserts ” sweet chariot” and a lot of bakeries along the way.

Honestly, I liked the NLS mess and canteen i served good food. I did go and watch movies in Gopalan malls near by its quite a huge multiplex.

Bad things: It is actually very difficult for me to mention the worst because there was nothing really bad probably if you are not a South Indian you may face problems because we had certain meetings in Kannada and the members converse with each other in Kannada often, and during my field visits i faced minor problems but still it is manageable.

Stipend: No

Rating: 10/10

Other things: This internship at Center for Child and the Law has truly being a life changing experience for me it has made me sensitive towards child issues. It made me think on so many aspects  on my meeting with the children in JJB…small children staying away from home as there is an enquiry going on against them.

Children I feel are to young to be incarcerated the laws have to change in existence with the current situation in India, many homeless, they are unhappy to live in CWCs  and want to go home.

It could not give those children false assurances because I was just an intern I had to leave…and after my course was over what after that?

There should be transparency followed in the selection process followed for committee and board members also the act provides for “child- friendly” environment but I did not see that.

A person who is genuinely interested to work in the area of child rights and law should intern with CCL-NLSIU I am still in touch with my team. I was invited for a seminar later on to be the rapporteur  for the round table discussion in Mumbai.

The Center for Child and the Law website is here.

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