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Internship Experience @ Canpisce & Co Associates, New Delhi: Assist in Litigation Matters, Court Visits

By: The Admin | January 2, 2016
Name, College, Year of Study

Tanvi Praveen, Symbiosis Law School, Noida, IV Year.

Name of Organisation, Location

Canpisce & Co. Advocates, LGF -7A, Mandakini Complex, G.K. IV, New Delhi.

Duration of Internship

4 weeks, starting 1 July.

First Day Internship and Formalities

It was my first internship in a law firm and I was way too scared.

It was a small firm which operated in the basement with not more than 6 -7 employees.

The place was very quiet, and everyone seemed so serious, which was actually scaring me more.

However, later on as I was introduced to a few of them, it got comfortable.

I was given a case file to read, and as I interacted with them more, asked doubts, my fear subsequently subsided and the rest of the day and days went by smoothly.

Main Tasks

The main task was Research.

We were asked to Research on topics like ” Working of Multi-State Co-operative Society”, “Points to consider while drafting a Share Purchase Agreement”, etc.

We also assisted in litigation matters, Drafting of ‘Mergers and Acquisitions’ Form, Applications or Notice of complaints.

Though the place is residential, you are expected to be professional in your conduct.

Work Environment

Work environment here was pretty decent and comfortable.

The employees were very helpful and guided us throughout.

We went to the Company Law Board, Delhi High Court, Central Excise Appellate Tribunal, to see how the proceedings take place etc.

Good Things

The best thing was that the employees helped us feel comfortable around them, and were not at all rude, were very helpful and taught us many things.

We all had lunch together.



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