Internship Experience @ Advocate C Pratap Reddy, Hyderabad: Learned About Criminal Justice System

Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Mohammed Sanaullah Farhan, University College of Law, Osmania University, Final year

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Office of the Public Prosecutor for the State of Telangana, High Court, Hyderabad.

Application Process with contact details

One can contact the office via their official e-mail address available on the Court website or the webpage of legal affairs department, Telangana Governement, by sending your CV along with your ID card.

Name: C Pratap Reddy, Public Prosecutor;

Email: [email protected]

Duration of Internship and timings

My internship was for a period of one month i.e. from September 1, 2016 to September 30, 2016.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

PP Sir has his own chamber along with his department in the High Court premises. I was briefed about the daily schedule and the court timings and the allotment of cases to various other assistant PP’s by the section officer.

Main tasks

1. I was allotted with 3 different assistant PP’s and PP Sir himself depending upon the cases and the need.

2. My main task in the court was to observe the proceedings and make note of the observations of the judge with regards to the case at hand.

3. My task also included noting the objections raised by the opposite parties like applying for bail, quash petitions, appeal against lower courts orders and convictions.

4. Task also included researching of case laws with specific reference to bail petitions.

Work environment and people

PP Sir was always friendly and responsive to any of my queries and questions.

Other assistant PP’s were also quite cordial and use to explain the procedures relating to the bail procedure, arrest of accused etc. whenever I had any doubt.

Best things

Firstly I got the opportunity to intern directly in the High Court and that helped me the most by getting to know the working of the Highest judiciary in the state.

Secondly, as I was in the PP’s office I got the opportunity of going through real cases and happening events in the criminal world and the way the state deals with them. It helped me in understand the criminal justice system and the complexities and procedures involved in it.

Thirdly, interning in the office also provided me with rare opportunity of interacting with the Police officers for instance like SI and ACP’s who used to be present in the PP department.

It gave me some confidence when interacting with the police people and understand their perspective of the case.

I also got the opportunity of meeting some victims whose case was being fought by the state.

Bad things

There was no such things as such.



Biggest Lessons

The judicial system involves many complexities and I learnt that to understand them one needs to be patient and dedicate his maximum energies.

I also observed that the criminal justice system works in a manner which intends to serve maximum justice and the lawyers are the agents and as such if one chooses to take criminal side of practice, it involves huge moral responsibility upon him.


As I live in the city itself, I did not have to look for any alternate accommodation. But for interns coming from outside the city or state or without any place of residence in the city, one can find umpteen number of boys and girls hostels and PG accommodation as well.

In this task the clerks in the office would be of great help in helping you find the best accommodation.

Office Timings

The court starts at 10:30 sharp and I was told to be there within that time and hence I used to reach the court by 9:45.

The court ends at 4:30 and after that Sir used to come back to his chamber and I used to accompany him and would leave the office around 6.

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