Internship @ BSK Legal, New Delhi: Less Work, Observing Court Proceedings, No Stipend

Name of Organisation, Location, Team Strength

BSK Legal, New Delhi,  D-26, Lower Ground Floor, Jangpura Extention, New Delhi – 110004, India.

Phone No : +91 (11) 4350- 1443 , around 5/ 6 people for the team.

Application Process

I interned after completing my second year in college. Applied at the email id of Mr. Sanjay K Chadha – [email protected]  and got a reply very quickly – the next day itself- as Mr. Chadha replies from his phone.

Duration of internship and timings

4 weeks in May, 2013

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

It was very good as it is a very nice and decent office and there was what I believed to be a conference room where all interns used to sit together.

We were asked to give our recommendation letter which is required and it is a practice to provide one. After that we were asked to sit in that room.

Main tasks

Honestly, all we did in the initial two weeks was just reading files on insurance matters and all in all there was not much work. I believe that maybe it was the first time that they were having students interning at their office as they had no clue what work to assign us.

We were then sent for around 2 weeks to courts to observe proceedings which I believe is the only interesting and fun part of the internship because I observed some very funny court proceedings.

Apart from that in the first week we were asked about the basic things we had learnt after reading the files on those insurance matters and that was it.

Work environment and people

As I have already said, there is very little work you will get and I also don’t think that even on asking you might get a lot of work.

But I got a chance to draft a complaint and a few written arguments and a plaint which I believe was the only work I did and found it interesting.

Best things

The very chilled out attitude of the people working there as you can at anytime just go out have stroll and lunch can be for 2 hours also and you will find many juice corners and food stalls just outside the office.

You will easily be able to get a PG in East of Kailash where I was staying and from the the office it is hardly 2 metro stations away.

Bad things

No work at all and our entire internship was fruitless so I would rather recommend not to intern at this office.



Biggest Lessons

Better sit at home, write a paper or go for an outing/ vacation rather than waste time on such internships.


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