Internship @ Bihar State Legal Services Authority [BLSA], Patna: Lectures, Awareness Programs, Lok Adalat Visits; Inspirational People; No Stiepnd

Name of the organization. City

Bihar State Legal Service Authority, Patna

Duration of the internship

1st June-22nd June 2012 (3 weeks)

How big was the office? Team strength?

The building was very spacious and it is centrally located near Museum Road, Patna. The rooms also were pretty big and could accommodate approximately 40 interns who were with me. There was a different room for interns and a well equipped seminar room.

There were 2 heads, members of the Lok Adalat, some members who dealt with arbitration and the Registrar. The faculty comprised of Judges and Lawyers who would take the classes.

Classes were designated to different advocates and Lok Adalat judges. Also, we had guest lecturers coming from various places.

Application procedure. Internship contact details

As such you can call them up and ask about the vacancies and keep a tab on the same. You can visit the site HERE and their number is 0612 – 2230943. When it comes to internship, the website is useless however.

You can look up at the website of the Bihar State Legal Services Authority to know more about their activities.

You can also meet them personally regarding the internship. I applied 20 days before the internship actually commenced, however it is advisable to apply for it at least a month before you plan to start working with them as they usually maintain a record and preference is then given on the basis of date of application.

Duration in weeks. No. of days/week. Timings

I worked for 3 weeks. The timings were extremely cool when it comes to vacations, with the session commencing at 11.30 and ending at 1.30.

They would give us lectures on various topics of law like Torts, Criminal Law, Contract Law, Jurisprudence etc. Discussions on general awareness like Domestic Violence Act and Deteriorating Child Sex Ratio were also held.

It was really great to have people from UNICEF discuss such pertinent issues with you and giving you various insights on such a sensitive and contemporary topic.


No stipend, but the experience was so good that it doesn’t really matter!

Main Tasks

At the Bihar State Legal Services Authority, tt was a very organized working structure, akin to that of a college.

We were first taught the subjects that helped us brush up our concepts as well as helped us understand the topic from a very practical point of view rather than a theoretical point, unlike what we all have already learnt in our first year law school.

We were then supposed to make a project, which was the final task. But that was not all.

The best part of the internship was the regular visits to Lok Adalat and Civil Court. We also were taken to the CJM where we witnessed the proceedings. I think witnessing proceedings is a must.

Even if as a first year, I had no idea of procedural laws, we got to know what exactly happens inside the court which is certainly very different from what we see in movies 😛

We also attended various awareness programmes like police awareness programmes and a visit to Mahila thana was also made.

Best Things

The best part of the internship programme at BLSA, apart from learning was the networking out there. People were very friendly and inspirational. We got the opportunity to directly interact with advocates and judges.

Interacting with CJM was also very nice, who was a very jovial and a light hearted person.

It provides a conducive environment for the first years who have little or no idea about proceedings and the practical side of law.

They were strict about the attendance.

First Day of the Internship

I was very excited about working in the BLSA. When I entered the office, I was amazed seeing the organized structure and the office environment. I found it super cool.

Thereafter I met the registrar who was very amiable. This made me feel all the more good about the internship and my eagerness to work in such a sociable environment all the more escalated. Make sure you do have a college proof or a college ID or recommendation.


Since I am based in Patna I had no accommodation issues. This is a high end area, however, students can easily find flats in the vicinity. This area being central Patna is also well connected with public transport.

Bad things

Even though I might seem a workaholic writing this, but very honestly, I felt if they conducted their sessions for longer hours, I would have enjoyed the overall experience much more than what I seemed to do now!

The best part of the internship at Bihar Legal Services Authority, being their relaxed timings, was at the same time, the downside as well.

Disclaimer: Internship experiences are opinions shared by individual law students and tend to be personal and subjective in nature. The internship experiences shared on Lawctopus are NOT Lawctopus official views on the internship.

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