Internship Experience @ Bharucha and Partners, Mumbai: Amazing, Enriching and Encouraging Experience

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Bharucha and Partners, Mumbai office. Office Address: Hague buildings, Ballard Estate, Fort, Mumbai Bharucha has 2 different offices for litigation and corporate. The one in Hague, is the Corporate wing, while the other, the other one is in the Cecil Court which is the litigation wing of the Firm. The office is on the third floor of Hague Buildings.

The office is spread on the entire third floor of the building. The office has a reception area, conference rooms, pantry, Zerox and filing room, Associates and senior associates cabin and separate cabins for Senior partners. Though the office doesn’t have a designated Library but the books are spread over many book shelves consisting of various Journals, Reporters and other Law books.

The firm has a designated interns area with decent space room. I am not aware of the exact number of associates and senior associates, however, the total workforce would be around 25 including the partners.

Application Process

Personal Application. Bharucha and Partners are strict about its internship policy and needs to have received an application 6 weeks prior to the month in which you plan to begin interning.

One can fill the application form HERE.

Duration of internship and timings

2nd February, 2015 to 28th February, 2015

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

It was a mesmerizing feeling to work at such an esteemed and fast growing firm. The primary formalities were menial. The whole set up of the firm is magnificent and also work oriented.

On the first day, I reached the office by 9.30 am. I met the HR who guided me to the intern area and asked me to wait. I then met my co interns(4-5) at around 10. I was then provided with mail id and log in passwords to access internet resources.

I was sitting idle for a few hours on the first day. If the associates will have some work (which they almost every-time have)they will come in the intern room and will delegate the work .

The best thing to do is to take initiative, volunteer and ask for work.

Main tasks

There is no dearth of work in the office but the individual has to take initiative to get work.

The following research were undertaken at the internship:

1. Researched on the Prohibition of Insider Trading Regulations 1992,

2. Trademarks Act and Rules 1999,

3. Interpretation of Financial Assistance under Companies Act 1956,

4. Indian Trust Act 1882,

5. Laws governing Insurance companies,

6. Laws governing commodities exchange under Forward market Regulations,

7. Payments Banks,

8. Redemption of Compulsory Convertible Debentures,

9. Interpretation of Workman under Industrial Disputes Act,

10. Procedure of Preferential Allotment of shares made by an unlisted public company and pulled out relevant Judgment.

The interns were asked to submit a weekly worksheet enumerating the work carried out and the date of the same.

Work environment and people

It is an extremely conducive working environment.

No one is in a hurry ever but somehow they manage to get the work done accurately on time. If you have good co-interns you may seek their help for completion of a task.

No one is competing with each other to be in the spotlight but rather are working collectively for the firm’s benefit.

The associates need not be addressed as Sir or Ma’am. The interaction is informal and the associates can be heard swearing at each other.

Best things

The best part was the work assigned which were non-monotonous and very diverse. The interns never worked under a single associate or senior associate or partners and work was allotted as and when it came up.

The people were patient and kind enough to teach and entertain doubts.  Good work was often appreciated.

There was unlimited supply tea, coffee, biscuits or maggi whenever one wanted at their desks.

The overall experience was amazing, enriching and encouraging.

Bad things

Nothing bad.


No stipend.

Biggest Lessons

1. A very cliched phrase, but hard work is the key getting a pat on the back

2. It is important to make yourself known in the office

3. Always show eagerness to work

4. No work is small

Any Other Thing

This internship was a very enriching experience for me.

I learnt a lot about law just by researching.

The always helpful associates were form a great part of this learning experience.

The internship opened my eyes to practical, ground-work. Overall a good learning experience


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