Internship Experience @ Bhargavan and Company, New Delhi: Learned the True Essence of Litigation

Name of Intern

Aashima Kakkar & Priyanka B. Anand

Name of the Lawyer

Advocate Saurabh Bhargavan, Delhi High Court and Supreme Court of India

Application Process

Send CVs at [email protected]

Duration of Internship  

July 3, 2017 to July 28, 2017

Stipend For Internship




Work Environment

Very interactive.

Good Things

Helped in exploring the wide horizons in the field of Litigation and understand the practicality of being a Lawyer. 

Bad Things


Main Tasks

Interpretation of facts and briefing of valuable points according to our brief knowledge. 

Accompanying him to courts and understanding the working of courts practically.

Personal Experience

We had been provided with case files and had to brief him in such a manner that the crux of the case was covered.

We also accompanied him to courts where cases were listed, and understood the true essence of Litigation with him.

We learned everything, how to portray ourselves in front of clients as well as the Judge. 

Working with him was the best experience ever because he understood us in a way that we will, maybe, understand ourselves 5 years later, because of which the work assigned to us was easy to understand. The discussions we had with him were filled with knowledge and practicality. 

We learned the true essence of being a Lawyer with him.


Both stayed with family, being domiciles.

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