Internship Experience @ Bar & Bench, Mumbai: Ideal place to work at

Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Ajay Menon, VIT School of Law, VIT University, 2015-2020

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Bar & Bench, Churchgate, Mumbai, 1

Application Process with contact details

I emailed the Editor of the website to the email id provided on their website with an expression of my interest to intern and my CV. Sir got back to me and then we had a telephonic conversation, following which we met in person before I got approved.

In order to apply, one can simply email sir on the email provided on the website.

Duration of internship and timings

14th June – 30th June 2016.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The first day included a tour of the office and an introduction to the employees of bar and bench. I familiarized myself with the website and signed up for the wifi – filled the form and provided id verification. Sir assigned me a desk and explained to me what work he had in mind.

The office was well lit and air conditioned. It was very clean and an ideal work environment. Water coolers, restrooms and a snack area were the amenities at the office. The employees were helpful and kind.

Main tasks

Major tasks included writing and editing.

My work was compilation of daily causelists of every judge of the Bombay High Court. I would then further identify the important cases, those which made the headlines, or had eminent personalities or which were of social and other importance and then go through each individual order passed by the court over the course of the hearings.

Then make a separate word document of the case and send it to sir. So that anyone who has not even heard of the case, can get a crystal clear idea of what has and is exactly happening.

Sir also taught me how to navigate through the Bombay high Court website and look for case details and hearing timings which was very helpful and time saving.

Work environment and people

The work environment was great. The office was clean, well maintained and well lit. Amenities like water coolers, a snacking area and clean bathrooms were at the office. The desk assigned to me had an ergonomic work chair and facilitated my writing.

It was a great and ideal place to work at. The people were very helpful and enthusiastic to share information about the judges and what kinds of cases each of them prefer to handle.

Best things

The best things were many in number. It was very close to the HC. I would often accompany sir to court and take notes about cases. We would shuffle between courtrooms.

The cases documents that I prepared were on extremely relevant and current topics – like the pothole issue involving the BMC. It was helpful in learning state related issues and how the HC was wasting no time in solving issues. It was hence, great for GK purposes.

Bad things

The editing can get tedious after a while, so once in a while when youre tired it can get boring. The work is excessive at times, and get take up your whole day, so one should be prepared for that. It took a few days to get used to that.


None. I worked solely for the experience!

Biggest Lessons

Anything and everything is available to those who look for it. Every tiny bit of information about any and every case is available to those who look for it! The Bombay High Court website is a stellar example.

Every PIL, writ petition, etc. is available online, the advocate name, judge’s name, case date, serial no. everything. The media also extensively covers cases, almost every newspaper and news channel.

One should learn to sift through the unnecessary to find the necessary, and do so within the time frame as well.

Any Other Thing

I hope this was detailed enough for students to take an informed decision regarding whether to join bar and bench. I personally loved it, it was a great learning experience, in and out of office (especially in court)

Overall Rating



I stayed at home with family. The office is at Eros theatre, Churchgate. It is easily accessible through public transport – trains, buses and cabs. It is very close to the railway station – CST & Churchgate.

Office Timings

I was simultaneously interning at two places in summer, due to the short span of my holidays. And so, sir graciously accepted to let me come into office at 3 pm and leave by 7 pm.

I would carry work home and complete any other tasks that sir would provide through email and whatsapp correspondence.

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