Internship Experience @ Bal Vikas Dhara, New Delhi [NGO]: On the first day I saw girls learning karate

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Bal Vikas Dhara, New Delhi [NGO]

Application Process with contact details

Inquired about the contact information of the NGO and final had a conversation with Mr. Ravi Mishra who was apparently my project coordinator.

Duration of internship and timings

June – July

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

It was similar to all other NGOs not to much fancy.

As I went there on the first day I saw girls learning karate and that encouraged me to give my best here.

Main tasks

Field work. I was asked to do surveys at police stations inquiring about girls who have faced any sort of criminal atrocities and how their case is being dealt with.

Work environment and people

I usually stayed out and was only in touch with my project coordinator Mr. Ravi who was an excellent mentor.

Best things

I loved the work given to me. Even though it was hectic and demanded a lot amount of energy going out in sun I loved it.

Bad things



No stipends

Biggest Lessons

Well, incidents showed in crime petrol and savdhan India are not fictional at all. The world is polluted with filthy people doing these crimes.

We need to save our society and get out of our comfort zone and help people whenever and where ever possible.

Any Other Thing

Just don’t run away when you witness an accident no matter in how much hurry you are.

And don’t just stop there to stare like idiots . Save the ones in need!

Overall Rating



Traveled from home.

Office Timings

9 am to 4 pm

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